The Midnight Trinity
Welcome to the Realm of The Midnight Trinity.

I am your Illustrious Headmaster, Sakano.

A few things before we get started...

*When you Register, please bear in mind that your log in name is also your roleplaying name. Please make it appropriate. Any other names such as 'D3m0nBoi213' will NOT be accepted.

*Read The Rules BEFORE posting anywhere on the forum page.

- Sincerely yours, Headmaster Sakano

The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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Headmaster Sakano
Headmaster Sakano

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PostSubject: Forum References   Forum References I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 26, 2010 11:58 pm

This is where I'll list forum references, like detailed location descriptions to further enhance your RP experience ^_^

Connections Between Worlds

The connection between The Realm Of The Midnight Trinity coincides directly with the outside world. If it's night time in the outside world, it's night time here. If it rains on the outside, it rains in here and so on and so forth. Same with time as well.

For the Vampires, the sunlight in this realm WILL NOT HARM YOU. You are free to venture out during the daylight hours so you may attend classes and mingle with your fellow students just like everyone else.

Trinity Department Store

The Trinity Dept. Store is huge. How huge? How's over 20 floors worth? Shazam!

The floors are divided up as the following:

1st Floor = Information and Food Courts
2nd/3rd Floors = Clothing Stores [any type of clothing you can think of -goth, emo, skater, casual, formal ect]
4th-5th Floors = More Clothing Stores [Costumes/Specialty/Imported Items like Cosplay/Lolita/Rare items]

6th/7th Floors = Gamers Paradise [video game's, specialty items, system consoles ect]

8th/9th Floors = Home Furnishings [bed sheets, bath room items ect- think of these floors like IKEA =p ]

10th/11th Floors = Book Stores [any type of books you can think of and theres a few mini-coffee shops]

12th/13th Floors = Art Supplies [anything from room paint to artists' paints and other materials]

14th/15th Floors = Day Spa's and Salons [Students get in free!]

16th Floor = Movie Theater [Students get in free!]

17th/18th Floor = Electronics [Anything from computers to iPod's, you have a very wide selection]

19th/20th Floor [Rooftop] Reception Area [Place for large parties/gatherings ect]

Trinity Gate Park

The Gazebo is nestled right against Aquarion Lake. Directly across the lake you can see the Amusement Park. The Gazebo offers a nice spot to view the fire works that are launched every night. [Except when it rains]

On Aquarion Lake you can take out small row boats or go swimming in designated areas.

A little ways from the Gazebo/Lake there is a playground with swings, slides, monkey bars, see-saw's ect. In a gated off section beside the park, is a community garden where anyone is free to plant things. Be nice and don't step on anyone else's plants. In the middle of it all is a large stone waterfall/statue with a wide rim so people may sit and relax.



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