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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Dr. Fray Vyers

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Medical Personel
Medical Personel

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PostSubject: Dr. Fray Vyers   Dr. Fray Vyers I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 02, 2010 4:23 pm

Dr. Fray Vyers Org05py7ql3
[credits to whoever drew this amazing picture, I don’t own it]

Bleh, ill finish this later c:

Fray Vyers ● 26 ● ♂

November 5th


• Darkness
• Fire

Acupuncture needles
Seven God's sword.

Limitations of Weapon(s):
He can only hold so much Scalpels, he'd run out eventually and they don't deal that much damage.
Like the Scalpels he'd eventually run out of needles though he can bring around more. They can easily be thrown off course by a strong gust of wind.
The sword is literally sheathed inside of him. Pulling the sword out wouldn't be the easiest task. When being used, it consumes an absurd amount of energy.

Explanation of Weapon:
Normal everyday medical scalpels, nothing much to explain.
Long acupuncture needles with a wound copper grip at the end.
The Seven God's sword was forged by a great blacksmith long ago. What was used to forge it is unknown, legend tells that this sword could apparently slay gods. The sword was sealed inside a demon and after that no one had actually found out what had happened to such a sword. The swords blade is long and sharp with a black tint, near the end of the hilt an eye rests, blinking at its enemy. Around the sword a dark aura surrounds the sword and when wielded eventually surrounds the user.

Physical Appearance:
A tall, lean man in his human form, he posses the handsome looks most incubus have. His human form stands at around 6'5'' and weighs about 180 and looks almost like any human other than his rather unusual short silvery gray hair and sickly pale skin. He has very dark rings under his eyes which he gets from his insomnia. He also seems to posses serpent like features, like his extremely long tongue and his ability to host a large sword in his system. He has a small tattoo of bat wings on his back, near end of his neck.

His attire is pretty much simple, a long collard black shirt with tight black leather trousers and brown oxford shoes. He wears a long white laboratory coat and glasses though there isn't much need for them. He just likes wearing glasses as he thinks they make him look more mature and sexy. He wont leave without them.

As a demon, his height changes drastically and his skin turns much more scalier and darker. He grows long scaly bat wings and posses a more darkened aura.

General Attitude/Personality:
• Fray comes off as a very creepily twisted individual, often scaring a few souls off before they actually get to know him. He puts on a very creepy front, grinning and giving off these unwanted negative vibes you’d often get from that of a rapist and/or child molester but he means no harm, most of the time. He’s generally a very joyous and happy chap and doesn’t take most anything seriously. He’s oblivious to what others feel and is rather egocentric.

• Fray is a very flamboyant and eccentric and makes everything sound or feel more dramatic than it actually is. He has a soft spot for cute things – and people – and makes up nicknames for these. The most well known is “Oppa” which is a respectful Korean term for a older male/brother though many overly passionate fan-girls tend to use and abuse it for idols, just like – for example – “Kawaii”. Though the term is used by women for older men he likes to call his good friend, the headmaster, “Oppa” in the same manner those overly passionate fan girls would.

• An Insomniac, he is unable to sleep. He hates sleeping.

• Cute things
• Humans
• Generally everyone and everything

• Nothing he can think of.

Bad Habits:
• His creepy, perverted front.

He has no real goal, but he looks after the village and villagers outside the school to give Amano less hassle.

Fears: N/A

Mother/Father: N/A

Not exactly siblings, but he considers the headmaster as a brother.

His memories are mostly whitewashed and decaying away, he knows he wasn't born a demon, but born a human. He remembers the faint image of his parents, never got along, a problem family to be frank, though their names escapes him. He remembers becoming a doctor, this feeling of true love, sin, then heart ache and how the rough texture of the rope successfully killed him off. He wanted to die, though what caused such a thought remains blank. He didn't die a good man, and all bad men went to hell. At least, that's what his crazily religious mother told him all the time.

The next reel of his memory was the long line of men and women, hands chained as they walked along the paper-lantern lit cave. There seemed to be a large group of demons towering over these humans, laughing and holding up long scrolls. Screams and begging, crying and manic laughter were all present, resounding around the cavern. He took a a glance at the figure, a man, sitting on what seemed to be a stone chair. The demons referred to him as 'Enma-Ou' which confused him slightly. He held what seemed to look like a long black pair of tongs. As he shuffled closer, two horned demons dragged him to the small area in front of this man like demon. The man stood from his chair and boomed in its demonic voice that if he was to lie that his tongue would be pulled out and he would suffer forever in hell, but tell the truth and he would be given a chance.

But all bad men go to hell. All bad men go to hell.

"Who is it that you truly love?"

Then absolute blank.

RP Example: The train journey seemed to be endless, the constant sound of chugging was getting to him. He wasn't sure how many times he'd shuffled around in his seat for but the old man and his grandson in front didn't seem to mind. It was a long train ride to trinity and to be honest he didn't honestly want to stay there. He was asked kindly by his old friend Amano if he could help out and hearing how stressed he was he just couldn't say no. He leaned a pouting face on his palm and crossed his leg over another as he stared out into the landscape outside the window. It was hard to appreciate its beauty as it all was mostly a big motion blur, but it he stared hard enough at one spot he could take a glanc-

The sudden splatter on the train window startled the gray haired man. He slid away from the window, looking forward at the old man. He liked the way his wrinkled and drooping skin seemed to vibrate as the train rushed on. His eyes rolled to take a glance at the boy who sat beside him, also leaning to look out the window. A small smirk graced his lips.

He leaned forward towards the boy, taking out a small piece of strawberry candy from his coat pocket.

"Hi there" Fray smiled as he placed his elbow on the table, leaning his face once more into his palm "Whats your name?"

The little boy took a nervous glance at Fray and looked away. He knew better than to speak to a stranger. Amber eyes rolled slightly in response.

"Mm, i see, would you like a piece of candy instead?"

The young boy looked at Frays hand, his eyes seemed to glisten slightly but he shook his head once more.

"Mm? fine, suit yourself~" He sighed as he opened the wrapper slowly, almost seductively slipping the candy into his mouth.

The boy blushed as he was unable to look away from the man. His flushed faced hidden by his untidy fringe.

"A-alright, just one" He peeped, extending his hand out.

Fray smirked as he leaned forward, towards the boys face, sliding away the strands of hair from his eyes. He rolled his eyes at the snoring man beside the boy before smiling once more at the boy.

"Ah, but that was the last one~"
Fray whispered so only the boy could hear "Unless you want my one~"

He stared into the little boys eyes with such intensity, the younger felt it hard to look away and refuse, as if he was in a trance. His breathing hitched suddenly at Fray's whisper.


the younger boy leaned closer to Fray, opening his mouth slightly. He was going crazy, he felt like he was sweating and his heart was thumping faster. Fray's smirk grew larger as he noticed the scenery transition slowly. He leaned away from the boy, who looked somewhat bewildered. He swapped his crossed legs as the train began to slow down.

"Maybe Next time~" Fray chuckled as he ruffled the boys hair.

Soon the train slowed to a halt Fray pushed himself up from his seat, easily taking out the two heavy suitcases from the top shelves. The boy sniffed, almost about to cry. This man obviously had some sort of pleasure at mentally scarring little children. He placed his hand into his pocket and threw a small piece of candy on the table. The boy stopped to look at Fray who said nothing but simply smiled. He exited casually from the private compartment and closed the door shut behind him. He was stopped almost immediately as he bumped into a few shorter figures.

It was a sea of students.

Many cute and wonderful students.

Maybe working for his Oppa, wouldn't be so bad after all.

Other: so not a pedophile. If anything, he's asexual right now, it'd take a lot to make him fall in love once more.

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Medical Personel
Medical Personel

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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Fray Vyers   Dr. Fray Vyers I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 03, 2010 4:30 pm

Finished, finally.

OTL im not too happy with this though so subject to changes.
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Headmaster Sakano
Headmaster Sakano

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Dr. Fray Vyers
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