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 Kira Hanasaki

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PostSubject: Kira Hanasaki   Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:28 am

Name: Kira Hanasaki

Nickname(s): Killer (Which he hates)

Age: 18

Orientation: Homosexual

Birthday: Sept. 11, 1992

Species: Half-Breed (Half-Human and Half-Fey(fairy))

Element: Earth, Light

Weapon(s): Psychometry, Semiauto IZH-35M pistol with scope

Limitations of Weapon(s): With Psychometry, it can cause migraines and pain. The longer he uses it, black outs will ensue, and he could even fall into a coma if not careful. With the IZH-35M, it only holds 5 rounds, and the ammo is special made and delivered; not very accurate aim.

Explanation of Weapon: -Psychometry- If Kira touches something or someone with his bare hands, he instantly sees their entire pasts. The images burn through his skull. He feels every emotion they've ever experienced, every thought they ever had, as well as every physical pain they've ever gone through. With objects, unless they were machine-made, he sees the processes by which it was made. With food, when he's eating, the images of animals being slaughtered and used for the food he's eating burns through his mind. It's a horrifying experience that made him a vegetarian. He wears gloves that he never takes off, and tries to avoid human contact.
-IZH-35M- Polished wood handle, with curved back specifically designed for easier, comfortable grip. Steel six-inch barrel with slide underneath and large trigger guard. Large wooden flange designed to keep grip as steadily as possible. Black scope balanced on top of barrel.

Physical Appearance: Kira is about 5'8 with a lean build. His hair is copper colored and his eyes are dark blue. His skin is rather pale and flawless, except for thin cuts marring the inside of his thighs, and a gash on his forehead from an incident years ago that he keeps covered with his bangs.

General Attitude/Personality: Kira seems to be indifferent to most things, but he is always wary of his surroundings and a bit paranoid. Despite his Psychometry--in an attempt to overcome it--Kira isn't a loner. He doesn't interact very much with others, and tries to keep others from getting too close, but he will make conversation and will even try to become friends if he likes the other enough. He can be very blunt and often doesn't think about other people's feelings.

Likes: Guys--particularly older guys; Gun training and Target practice; Getting lost in thought; Getting drunk; Cutting; Cats; Reading fiction (He's a sap for romance)

Dislikes: His Psychometry--with a passion, might I add; Food, in general; Bubbly, touchy-feely people; Dogs; Being alone

Bad Habits: Pushing people away; Going days without eating

Goals: To finally be rid of his unwanted power; To find love and live happily, free of everyone's thoughts and pains

Fears: Being alone; Having another mental breakdown

Mother/Father: Kimiko Hanasaki, a full-blood Fey with strong psychic powers/ Takatsuki Hanasaki, human and loving father with a love for guns.

Siblings: Aya Hanasaki, 24, half-sister and full-blood Human.

History: Kira was born and raised as any normal child; with two loving parents and an older sister who thought him annoying. But that was shattered on his thirteenth birthday, when, while celebrating, he'd taken a bite of his dad's famous burger, and his head instantly started to hurt. Images burned through his mind like an acid flash. Horrid images of cows, starved and abused, being herded into chop shops where they were hung and butchered. More than the images, he felt their pain, their sickness, and the large blade felt as if it'd sliced through his own body.
Kira couldn't breathe, or see, or hear anything other than those images of cows. Worse still, he didn't know how to make them go away. He remembered crying out but no sound came. When he finally woke up, a full day had passed.
Kimiko, being a full Fey with full control of her powers couldn't understand why this was happening to her son. She'd called in advice from her fellow race, but neither knew how to help him.
Two years living with this curse had kept Kira isolated and afraid. Daily he was tormented until one day, at the age of 16, he smashed his head into the bathroom mirror in an ill-fated attempt to rid himself of the ongoing images he saw of toothpaste being made while brushing his teeth one morning.
He was sent to a rehabilitation center.
After two years, Kimiko and Takatsuki finally found someone who could offer help. A Sage Fey, who visited him in rehab, she told him of the imbalance to maintain psychic energy due to his human parentage. Nothing could be done until he learned to either ignore or embrace his "special" gift. She gave him gloves to use to avoid contact. Also, she warned him that nothing could be done about food unless he planned to grow his own.
The Sage did, however, give him one good piece of advice.
"Most supernaturals are immune to your gift, particularly those that are dead. You will find peace with them."

Two years later, Kira cannot fully embrace this gift, though he has learned to slightly control the length of the images he sees. He's found solace in alcohol, though he still sees the images of how it was made, they are only temporary. The buzz and numbness of alcohol keeps away the bad thoughts and images. It's been his sole sustenance.
And cutting. Being eighteen, he couldn't get his hands on liquor all the time, so when the pain got too great, Kira would discreetly cut himself.
It wasn't until a few weeks ago that his parents sternly and forcibly enrolled him here with the hopes that he'd come home a healed and new person.

RP Example: Kira watched with eyes glistening with tears as his parents and sister grew smaller and smaller until finally they were nothing but dark specks, still waving goodbye to him. He wouldn't cry. No, he was stronger than that. It wasn't like he wouldn't see them again. He'd see them for the holidays.
Still, he couldn't help the sadness and longing to be reunited with his family again.
When he was unable to see even his street anymore, Kira turned in his seat with a sigh. The bus was packed with travelers same as him, restless and ready to get to their final destination.
He sat alone in the back, away from the rest of civilization it seemed. His hands remained tucked into the pockets of his shorts. It was too hot for his gloves, though they rest right beside him when he needed them. The shorts had been made by his human grandmother, and every so often, he'd get images of her sitting in that rickety-old rocking chair, two huge needles in her hands while she knitted away, humming a show tune quietly. It was a peaceful image. Her mind was completely devoid of emotions; her heart full of love while she intently worked on having the shorts finished in time for his departure.
It was such a rare peaceful moment, that he closed his eyes and savored it. The bus driver made an announcement that they were now in Trinity town, and he could hear the "oohs" and "aahs" of the tourists seeing the sights for the first time. Part of him wanted to open his eyes and look too, but he didn't dare. His beatiful grandmother and her singing was lulling him to an almost trance-like state. He was there. He could reach and touch her; feel her soft, wrinkled skin beneath his fingertips. She smiled warmly, a toothless smile. He wanted to ask what song she was singing. But he didn't.
Just as he'd begun to ask, the image faded into dark, followed by a wealth of happiness so large, he felt he would drown in it. Kira groaned in pain as he saw flashes of the town, places he'd never seen before and unfamiliar faces. Someone was touching him.
The emotions and images weren't as painful as if he'd touched the person, but if they touched him, and were overly emotional, it'd still be more than enough. He didn't see his past, but felt all of that happiness. Suffocating.
"Don't touch me!" Kira yelled, kicking away whoever was touching him.
A young man about his age looked bewildered as he laid on the floor; as well as a few others. Kira scowled, no way apologetic if he'd hurt him. He was lucky he hadn't gotten worse.
"The I-It's right...there. I was just..."
Kira glared at the man, at the frightened look in his eyes until he could no longer look at them. He forced his eyes to look out of the window, and sure enough there was the school.
In all of it's large, beautiful glory.

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Headmaster Sakano
Headmaster Sakano

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PostSubject: Re: Kira Hanasaki   Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:07 am

Very nice ^^



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PostSubject: Re: Kira Hanasaki   Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:36 pm

Yes! Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Kira Hanasaki   Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:52 pm

Kira sounds amazing as well!
I expecually like His ability "Psychometry" I never heard it in my life.
And I looove How detailed he is. :]
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PostSubject: Re: Kira Hanasaki   

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Kira Hanasaki
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