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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Armand Helsir

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Armand Helsir
Armand Helsir

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Armand Helsir  Dark-anime-guy-image
[Image(s) are temporary and are only being used as general reference as to what he looks like. I will eventually draw my own version of what he looks like. Image is 'Shiki' from Togainu No Chi]


Armand Dantes Helsir



January 15th, 1991

Relationship Status:
Married [Kira Hanasaki]

Capricorn [Chinese Sign: The Sheep, Egyptian Sign: Amun, Celtic Sign: The Birch]

Blood Type:
AB Negative

Demon [Mixture of a Marilith and a Harpy]

Sexual Orientation:

Darkness/Shadow Manipulation

Kisakabe [Katana], Necromancy, Masamune [another Katana he doesn't use very often]

Limitations of Weapon(s): Being his sword his so long, he needs to be in an open area to use it, thus his sword is pretty-much useless in a small area, except maybe to block an attack. His necromancy is stronger at night, and usually not as effective during the day.

Explanation of Weapon:The Kisakabe is an elongated Katana [think Sephiroth] that he crafted and customized himself. Its made from steel, with a form-fitting grip customized to fit only his hands. It also has a circular hilt.

Using his Necromancy, he can conjure demons or what he calls 'shadow-souls' to aide him in battle. He can manipulate the size and shape of these shadow souls to better accommodate him during a fight. He can also control shadows, cast by objects, people ect. In the case of shadows cast by human beings, or other demons, controlling the shadow also gives him control over the actions of the individual.

Physical Appearance:
He's tall with pale skin, burning red eyes, and short black hair. He usually dresses in mainly black. [He's most active at night so the color is mainly used as a camouflage technique] He's ambidextrous which aides him when fighting as he can quickly switch his blade to either hand if need be. He usually wears an iron cross around his neck. He has a slightly longer tongue than a normal being would have [fully stretched it goes about half an inch past his chin] His favorite color, aside from black, would have to be purple as he associates it with the 'death messengers' - Ravens.

He has his demon form, obviously, that consists of a pair of black feathered wings sprouting from his shoulders and grows four arms [having six in total] with slender arms and slightly enlarged hands with sharp claws. His tongue also becomes slightly 'forked' like that of a snake. The feathers from the wings spread over his neck, shoulders, a little on his cheeks and down his arms to his 'normal' set of hands and under his arms and they begin fading near his chest area. His teeth also get a little longer and much more jagged.

He's much more flexible and nimble then would one think. He can bend his entire upper half backwards so his hands could touch the floor and even do full splits if he wanted too. He also has extremely good posture and balance.

He has an Ouroboros tattoo on his back between his shoulder blades.

General Attitude/Personality:
He's a serious type of guy who says few and mainly speaks with his actions. He has a sultry, velvety voice that demands your attention as he speaks. He prefers to 'rest' during the day, and be active at night; he doesn't actually require sleep. He has a very laid back "who cares" demeanor, and nothing seems to "ruffle his feathers" much. He takes things as they come and has the attitude where if its out of his hands, there's nothing he can do about it and takes it as is.

Anger him, however, and you'll soon find yourself regretting it.

Though he comes off as distant and repressed, manage to get within his favor, and you'll find you have his devotion and loyalty. He doesn't have much experience in having friends, and, actually, doesn't know how to go about making friends; he does try though. He's had a few lovers, none were serious as he has never allowed himself to open up completely. Loving others hasn't boded well for him in the past, usually ending up with having to eliminate his love interests as they've all betrayed him in some form or another; he isn't sure he wants to try again either. He is, however, looking [not that he'd openly admit it] for that one person who would make him feel genuine love for the first time. He acts like he's about a thousand years old, but he's still just getting out of his teenager years and sometimes thinks and acts as a normal teenage boy would.

He has a love for classical art and music, and for poetry; his favorite author is Edgar Allan Poe. He is fluent in Japanese, Italian and French just to name a few; hes very well traveled. Though he doesn't have a set belief system, he finds the topic of god, angels, heaven, hell ect, interesting and often watches and reads things associated with them.

He smiles rarely, and when he does, its usually a melancholy type smile; like he's faking it to just appear 'normal' to others. Sometimes, if your lucky, you can catch him smiling genuinely.

The only 'joy' he considers in his life, are Kelun and Seung Li. Yes, he'll talk shit about how Kelun is the most annoying 'Snake' on two legs, [Kelun is a naga] and how Seung Li [a spider-demon] is promiscuous. Deep down, he'd gladly die for either of them, and they would do the same for him. He feels they're the only ones who really understand him, and deep down wishes that someone else would one day be able to 'get him'.

Birds [Ravens specifically, among other birds of prey] smoking, training, fighting, killing [he finds in exhilarating, but wont kill for sport, only if he needs too] sweets, reading, strategy games, classical music, dogs,

Humans, but has learned to tolerate them, the daytime, but deals with it. Cats, Sleeping, Kei.

Bad Habits:
Smoking, Drawing his sword at inappropriate times, getting into unnecessary fights, basically telling someone to go fuck themselves if he doesn't like what they have to say, smacking Kelun over the head for no reason, pushing people away

To learn more of his psychometric skills, and learn to control them better so it doesn't present itself as a weakness.

Sleeping, as he is haunted by vivid, emotional and physical nightmares of his past, and the terrible things he's done.

Leshtania [Tanya]  [Mother/Harpy] / Alastar [Father/Marilith]  

The Helsir Clan [He considers all the members his brothers and sisters. He has no blood siblings that are alive]

Armand was born into The Helsir Clan, a very wealthy group of hybrid and pure blood demons who were based around organized crime. However, they also provide other services to the highest 'bidder'. They were stationed in Tokyo, but had branches in China, Korea, and some places in Europe. Like most organized crime groups, they struggled for territory and money. They dabbled lightly in the transportation of illegal drugs. The leaders, Leshtania [called 'Tanya'] and Alastar Helsir owned property all over the world and had financial assets in many off-shore accounts. Alastar, Armand's Father hailed from Sicily, Italy. His Mother, was a native of Japan. Both were born wealthy.

During the winter months, Tanya gave birth to a son whom they named Armand as he was born while they were staying in Italy, his father native country. Armand was actually their third attempt at having a child. Tanya bore a set of twins before having Armand but the twins were still born. They were so devastated they didn't even want to try again but eventually decided against it. Both wanted a child in their life, both hoping for a son, to carry on the family name.

Armand was born with violet/purple eyes. The first few years of his life, his eye sight was very poor; a very rare trait for demons. However, when he killed for the first time, his eyes faded into a blood red color and miraculously his eye sight improved 100%. No one knows the meaning behind this, not even his parents or personal physicians.

Armand attended private schools; some human based, and others for demon children. He was a very studious student, and took his assignments very seriously. Those who dared tease him for being a 'book worm' often found themselves strung up the school's flag pole. He spent all of his free time being taught how to fight; physically and with various weapons. Out of the clans entire arsenal, he had an affinity for Samurai Swords.  He's also quite skilled in multiple forms of martial arts. When he got a little older he was taught the ins and outs of the 'business' [financial matters and what have you]

They knew, from the moment he was born, he had the spirit of a fighter. Armand nearly died after being born due to some minor complications Tanya suffered during her pregnancy and actually stopped breathing for a short period of time. He also didn't cry. Their doctors managed to save him, and his mother, and all were amazed at just how close they came to loosing their new heir. He held his first sword at the age of six and since then had been fascinated by them. He is also skilled in how to use and disarm various guns but, as stated before, prefers swords. When he was about ten years of age, his clan fell into a territorial war with another clan. It was his first real chance to use what he had been taught, and as it turns out, he did his mentors proud. The ferociousness in which he fought stunned and amazed the clan members, including his own parents, and thus the nickname 'Demon of Helsir' was bestowed upon him.

It wasn't until he reached twelve years of age, or there abouts, that his parents noticed changes in him. He became more violent, and often lashed out at others often injuring them. This would usually happen whenever he touched someone. He complained of faint-inducing headaches and 'flashes' of what appeared to be memories. It was later concluded he was blessed [or cursed as he saw it] with Psychometry or extra-sensory perception. He saw the pasts of those he touched and often relived their most painful experiences. To counter his ability, he resorted to wearing gloves all the time as the memories of his victims were so painful he would often pass out for days at a time.

It was until somewhat recently his psychometry developed further and he found he was able to temporarily and involuntary absorb the powers and skills of those he touched [if they had any] If he were to touch someone who could wield fire, shape-shift ect, he would temporarily be able to do that as well. It takes more of a toll on his body though, so it often leaves him feeling like shit after wards.

None the less, his parents saw this as a weakness, and one they couldn't afford in battle. Truth be told, they saw their son as a great asset to the clan, and couldn't let him be harbored by any type of ability that would present their clan with a weak-point for their enemies to exploit. Through their many connections, they discovered the existence of The Midnight Trinity and sent their son there in hopes that he would learn to either rid himself of the ability or learn to control it so that it wouldn't interfere in his fighting.

RP Example:
The rain beat down hard that night, a soft distant echo of thunder sounded in the distance as he threw the moist cigarette to the floor, stomping it out. His crimson eyes bored into his victim as the man choked on his own blood, begging for his life. The man wore the insignia of a rival clan and had foolishly attacked Armand earlier that night. He knelt beside the dying man, his hand gripping the handle of his sword.

**"Do you think me mad?" he asked plainly.

The man spat blood in his face, unable to speak, due to his damaged vocal cords. He grinned menacingly, licking the blood that landed near his lip.

"You taste of fear" he said.

As Armand went to stand, he felt the man grab onto his arm, trying to mouth out words but he couldn't. His lungs were filling too rapidly with blood and he began a violent fit of couching, spewing blood everywhere. He wrinkled his nose at the sight.

"Stop being a fool" he said ripping his hand away.

"Just close you eyes and'll be better that way"  he added.

The clan the main hailed from were notorious for not giving up easily, and usually had a hard time accepting death. It baffled him that there were those willing to just not die, and rather prolong their suffering.

"Very well" he said with a degree of cockiness.

"If you refuse to accept your leave me no choice..." his voice seemed to change at the end.

The skies darkened, as thunder roared out over the city. Armand's body jerked backwards as four sets of arms ripped from his flesh followed by a horrid, grotesque shriek. Massive wings sprouted violently from his back. One set of arms grabbed the man, who tried to scream, but merely fell into another choking fit, and began tearing off his limbs one by one. His jagged teeth tore at the skin on the mans neck, his dying gasps echoing through the alleyway. In minutes, the deed was done and the arms retreated back into Armand's body, along with his massive bird-like wings. He stood, throwing his head back, smoothing out his jet black hair, breathing somewhat strenuously; blood stained his clothes and his face. Licking his lips, he turned back to the now mangled mess that was once a human being. He grinned, taking pride in his work. He would later send their family's 'cleaning crew' to properly dispose of the body, and maybe send a hand, or whatever body parts remained, to the mans clan, as a warning to stay away or similar fate would befall more of their members.

He has a long life span, due to his mixed demon blood and ages slightly slower than humans.

He sometimes speaks in poetry versus, or will respond with fitting quotes from his favorite poems or stories. He also likes some of the Shakespearean plays, especially the tragedies.

Even though Kelun is older then him, Armand acts like the older brother and often chastises him for goofing around.

Armand was once engaged to a cat demon, named Anna, when he was still very young. She was killed by Armand, on the eve of his Eighteenth Birthday when, through his powers, discovered she was planning to assassinate him.

Dantes is Armand's real last name, however he, and his family, go by the name of Helsir. Why is unclear.

**"Do you think me mad?" - 'The Tell-Tale Heart' by Edgar Allan Poe

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Headmaster Sakano
Headmaster Sakano

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★¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)We come spinning out of nothingness, ★
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God, I love him! ^^
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Armand Helsir
Armand Helsir

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o-o haha thank you ^^ I love him too and have an awesome outfit in mind for him....when my comp gets fixed x.x lol

Im also torn between making his eyes red or purple... Neutral
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Armand Helsir
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