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 Seiko Nakamura

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PostSubject: Seiko Nakamura   Seiko Nakamura I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 04, 2010 9:49 pm

Seiko Nakamura 1zmntvr

I do not own the picture, credit goes to who ever.

Seiko (Pronounced SAY-ko) Nakamura

eighteen years old

October 29.


Sexual Orientation:


Natural Born Abilities:
Seiko can manipulate shadows, acting as either an escape rout, or to transport to an certain area that he was previous at. Also at times, Can infuse the darkness within his blades, Making the blade much larger in size.

trench knifes

Limitations of Weapon(s):
For the Trench Knifes, they can only work when the opponent is in close range, less then 5 feet away, Otherwise the trench knife is useless. Also, being an Incubus, He needs to feed off sexual energy, Just like Head Master Sakano, or else he becomes weak. To be able to manipulate shadows, There must be a great amount of darkness around Seiko, he cannot use the shadow’s of others because he literally believes that shadows have their own “soul”.

Explanation of Weapon:
A highly uniquely-designed trench knife, these blades are worn like brass knuckles, but each one has a sharpened zigzag "tooth" over each knuckle, and a blade coming out of one end. When, the trench knifes are infused with any amount of darkness, it makes the blade appear 2x bigger, thus better cuttage.

Physical Appearance:
Seiko has a slender build with those piercing light pink eyes. Seiko use to have Long thick hair but Instead, He decided to cut most of it off, up to the nape of his neck. He also dyed his bangs a dark grey, one side longer then another. He is mostly seen with revealing clothing, like a leather jacket that cuts off just below his pectorals, showing off his flat tummy. He also likes to wear anything furry, so don’t be surprised if see him out on a hot summers day, wearing a furry grayish hoodie. As for jeans, he likes his skinnies. Nice and tight.

General Attitude/Personality:
He is normally a stoic and authoritative individual, but is very kind, warm, and gentle. He has trouble showing his emotions to other individuals. Once he has gotten to know the individual more, He will start to open up, showing more emotion. In general, If you are nice towards him, He will be kind back. When you catch him at a good time, his attitude will change drastically.
He will never base his opinion on what he hears. And that's what he expect from other the others. Seiko also hates any kind of discrimination. Everyone is different. He believes that the differences between people and or demon is what makes this world so different and beautiful. Discrimination actually makes it pretty ugly.

Other: At good days. (ex: when he is drinking his saki) He’ll be all bright and cheery and somewhat serious.

At bad, is very serious towards others, hardly cracking an smile.

Likes: Being an incubus, He very much enjoys sexual activities. Junmai-shu, Which is pure rice wine. Reading, which you can see him do everyday. Sleeping. And lastly, cute guys. (He is more Semi-like) Birds. He is kind of a bird watcher.

Anyone who is too talkative and or clingy. Anyone stealing his saki away from him without his permission. Loosing And any type of discrimination
Bad Habits:
Seiko tends to drink to much, therefore getting drunk. But, he does not change out of character when he drinks.

Goals: None at the moment.

Fears: Water: When He was 5 years old, His father took him out swimming on an hot summers day. This was not the first time that he has gone swimming, His father, Went to get some ice cream and left little Seiko all alone in the open water to swim by himself. While swimming around, Seiko’s foot got caught in some seaweed. Panicking, He goes underwater to try to free himself, but ironically, gets his arm tangled up in the seaweed. After minutes of struggling, He finally passes out due to lack of oxygen. The rest, He cannot remember.

Mother/Father: The mother has died, due to child birth (She was an human.) His father on the other hand, Is most likely exploring the world, still weeping about his wife from here on end.

Siblings: None. He very much enjoys being an only child.

History: Seiko’s father was an incubus, while his mother was a mere mortal. When his mother found out she was having a baby, both were very excited. They could not wait until the baby comes into their life. During her pregency, the mother had trouble breathing, sitting, standing and eating. She was in so much pain, all day and all night.

When it was time for the birth, the mother was to scared to go to a public hospital. For she knew that the child would be an incubus, therefore the doctors may try to kill there little one.

The father absolutely had no clue on how to do a “at home birth.” During the birthing process, the mother died. The pain was too much on her poor body, everything shut down, her mouth was filled with blood, and her lower region was a bloody mess. She left the father all alone in the world. So he thought.

Underneith the bloody mess, layed a blood coverd baby screaming for dear life. The father, shocked from hearing the crying gently picks up the little one holding him against himself.

After the whole incident, around 5 years later, Seiko’s father could not bear to take care of his happy little son no longer. He was still depressed over the loss of his only true love. His father, soon asked a good friend of his, Ranmaru to look after Seiko, and to train him the art of darkness, which he already possessed. Ranmaru agreed and took Seiko under his wing. Before the father left, he gives Ranmaru his trench knifes, asking to give them to his son when he get’s older. Ranmaru agreed.

Growing up with Ranmaru, Seiko decited to call him a teacher, or master, instead of dad. Which Ranmaru had hoped Seiko would start calling him dad, but no such luck. Over the years of training Seiko, he’s been growing more attracted to Seiko. He even tried to flirt with Sei, or having an sexual relationship with him, but failed, once again. Years later, when Seiko turned seventeen, Ranmaru was killed by a bunch of humans right infrount of his own eyes. That is when he started to loose all of his happieness, and became like his teacher.

RP Example:
Seiko ran his hands through his thick hair and sighed. He was bored.

He let himself fall back into the wet grass. He stared up into the empty sky, waiting for his teacher to eventually show up. Seiko gazes into the light blue sky with a odd mixture of pink .Up in the horizon, a small blue bird’s soaring gracefully threw the air.

Seiko had always been fascinated with birds, how they fly, their bone structure every little detail about them. He sometimes wishes that he was a bird, To take off soaring up into the horizon, eyeing down you’re prey from above without them having the slighted clue.

Soon after, a second blue bird accompanied with the lonely one, flying awfully close, almost to close for comfort.

Seiko chuckled as the two birds flew around gracefully around each other almost in a dance like trans.

“I wonder if they are on a date..” He said yawing lightly, continuing to observe them while they are gliding about.

He wondered, is he was an bird, would he attract many others, that may wish to dance with him? Or just simply cling onto an wire and just watch the clouds drift of moving at a slow pace.

Probably not. That is only an fairy tale, and fairy tales do not come true. They never do.

Laying his hands under his head, Seiko slowly closes his eyes, drifting of into a deep sleep.

Seiko’s teacher, who stayed hidden in the shadows of the trees as he watched the young incubus rest his eyes. He did not think it was odd that Seiko was talking about how he wished to be a bird. He heard it all before actually, many times. Seiko did not directly tell his teacher this, He rarely told his teacher anything, so the teacher decided to spy on the little incubus, almost like an creeper.

As he “observed” Seiko, as he calls it, Seiko was wearing his usual; a leather jacket that cuts off just below his pectorals, showing off his flat tummy showing off all the dips and curves of his slender figure. For his jeans, they were as tight as can be. The teacher had always wondered how his student could be that comfortable with those tight pants. Hell, how could he even move in those things?!

Ranmaru, Who was the teacher’s name was very old school. His hair was thick and curly that was the color of dark brown, almost like a creamy chocolate. A thin beard and His eyes the same as Seiko’s, a light pink. And wore only loose fitting clothing, He was an average looking joe, minus the fact that he is an incubus.

Ranmaru eyed the sleeping incubus. Stepping out of the shadows, the older incubus smirks and struts towards Seiko quietly as possible. He quietly walks around the side of his pupil now infrount of the sleeping young one. Ranmaru places his foot on one side of Seiko, and the other one on the opposite side and crouches down, sitting lightly on little Seiko. Grinning like the creeper he was, inches away from the young ones face.

Seiko sheepishly opens his eyes, only to have his strange teacher on his chest grinning from ear to ear.

In an heartbeat, Seiko thrusts his creeper teacher off his chest immediately gets up, his face in horror.

“You creep! I told you NOT to keep on doing that!” Seiko screamed at the now wide grinning incubus.

Ranmaru smiled in satisfaction of scaring poor Seiko to death once again.

“ I know, But your face is just so priceless when you get frightened my dearr~”

Seiko crossed his arms tightly around his slender chest in frustration then sighed.

“Whatever. Can we just train, you were late yet again. “

The older incubus face flushed. In reality, Seiko’s teacher was never late, he would hide within the shadows and watched his student, studying him. But hell, he could not tell Seiko that, or he might freak, as usual.

The brown haired incubus rubs the back of his head in embarrassment nodding. “Yeah..Let’s start…” He pauses patting at his pocket. He then takes out his sliver flask of junmai-shu, smiling at Seiko.

“I’m going to get you soo addicted to this wine, By the time you get older, that I promise you.~” He added while opening the flask, putting his lips gently on the bottle taking a swig, then passes it to Seiko.

Seiko takes the flask rolling his pink orbs up at his teacher. “I will not get addicted, besides, it doesn’t even taste that good..” He puts the flask up to his soft pink lips and slowly takes a sip. He then puts the cover back on tightly tossing it to the ground.

“Before we actually get started. Tell me what you know about shadows.” Ranmaru said as he picks up his poor abused flask, putting it in his pocket.
“A shadow is a dark region left behind an opaque object when some or all of the light coming from a source hits the object. The light cannot bend around the object, thus resulting in a shadow.” Seiko said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Ranmaru blinked and nodes. “Yes, that is true, but did you ever think about a shadow having it’s own soul?”

Seiko looked at his teacher dumbfolded. “How the hell can a shadow have it’s own soul?”

His teacher smiled at him, and taps Seiko’s little nose. “Just think about time you will understand.”

Seiko rolls his eye’s at the teachers “statement”.

Like he would ever think that a shadow has a soul, or that he would get addicted to wine. He will not be like his teacher, his pervy, alcoholic, bi sexual teacher. Nope. Seiko was going to be himself when he is older. The easily frightened, wine hating, doesn’t care if a shadow has a soul, sex hating, happy, bubbly self.

Other: Eventually, He forgives the humans for killing his teacher, but still remains to be distant from other. Also, He still wishes he was a bird, to fly to the heavens to meet his mother, and his teacher. Seiko also speaks Russian, and tends to use random words in Russian unknowingly.
He also tends come come off as a creeper. He loves watching people get creeped out from his personality, expecialy when he get's drunk.
When he was born, He was thought to be a stillborn; he did not move/cry at all. After some time, be began to move and cry like most newborns do so.

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Yay, a fellow Incubus ^^


-Welcome To The Midnight Trinity!-


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Thank you very much!
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Welcome to Midnight Trinity! Seiko sounds awesome! ^_^
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Thank you so very much! :]
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Edit: I made Seiko as "eighteen" Now because well, his birthday was about a week ago!
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Seiko Nakamura
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