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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Nadin C. Valore

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Nadin Valore
Nadin Valore

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PostSubject: Nadin C. Valore   Nadin C. Valore I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 05, 2011 11:57 pm

Name: Nadin 'Christian' Valore

Nickname(s): Christian

Age: Exact Unknown. Appears to be in his mid 20's.

Birthday: June 15th

Species: Merman

Position: School Librarian

Element: Water [obviously]

Natural Born Abilities: Empathy, Telekinesis [Ability to sense people's emotions; Ability to move objects with his mind]

Weapon(s): A medium sized, silver dagger. It has the abilities to cast spells.

Limitations of Weapon(s): The spells aren't as strong if he isn't near a large body of water.

Explanation of Weapon: He carries the dagger around with him at all times. It has the ability to cast healing and defensive spells only. It's a family heriloom for the males of his family.

Physical Appearance: Nadin is a hermaphrodite; he has both female and male genitals. Though he appears male, he is often mistaken for a female. He's grown used to this fact and it doesn't upset him nor does he take offense to it. He has long, silver/white hair that he sometimes keeps in a braid which is then hung over his shoulder. He has yellow-green eyes. In his merman form, he gains 'scale' like designs around his eyes. He tail is that of a Japanese Beta fish.

General Attitude/Personality: He's a kind soul who loves to help others. He comes off as having very feminine mannerisms. He doesn't anger easily and doesn't like unnecessary conflict.
He has an unnatural fear of all animals except -small- fish. [It was quite humrous watching him in his natural surroundings] He's self-conscious about his body; because of this he fears intimacy. He has a bit of a crush on the Headmaster, mostly stemming from the kindness he shown him during their first meeting. He can be a bit of a scatter brain, and can get distracted when a handsome man walks by. He can be very excitable at times as well as a bit naive about certain things. He's always willing to learn new things about 'life o land' and is often very curious. Don't be offended if he reads over your shoulder while your at the library studying.

Likes: the beach, swimming, reading, cleaning, sunsets, full moons, Ikebana [flower arranging], the headmaster, keeping things neat and organized

Dislikes: animals, disorder, conflict, being put on the spot

Bad Habits: talking too much when he's put on the spot, not standing up for himself, playing with his hair when he's nervous.

Goals: to not be so self conscious about his appearance

Fears: animals, thunder

Mother/Father: Selene/Tiberius

Siblings: Two older sisters, Veera and Melene

History: Nadin hails from a hidden, underwater city situated a few miles off the coast of Trinity's beach. One night, there was a terrible storm in which Nadin was separated from his sisters. The violent waves and tide made Nadin hit his head against a reef and he was knocked unconscious. His body, which had washed up on shore, was found the next day by Amaro. He was still alive but he couldn't remember who he was. He also couldn't speak English. So Amaro took him back to his house where he was fed, given clothes and thus the friendship began. He was temporarily given then name 'Christian' until he could remember his real name. Eventually his memories partially returned, but not all of them. Over time Amaro took to teaching him English, and teaching him to read human text. Since then Nadin had been fascinated by the written word, and learning as much as he could about the human world. After a few months, he was asked if he wanted to return home. Nadin didn't. He was far too excited to be in the world of humans and even to this day doesn't care much for going home any time soon. Although he could live without all the animals roaming around. Nadin was very eager to please his new friend, that being so Amaro gave Nadin the title of 'Page Master' [Librarian]. Since then, Nadin has hardly left the Library. Amaro had a room built for Nadin, within the library as he never wanted to leave; "Far too many books to read!" Parts of his memory are still falling back into place.

RP Example: "A-Amaro-sensei!" he stared, wide eyed, holding out a shaking finger; he was pointing at something.

"W-what is that??" Amaro blinked and turned to where he was pointing.

"This?" he picked up a small stray kitten that was brushing against his leg; he scratched it behind the ears.

"It's a kitten silly" he held the kitten out for him to pet it.

"N-no I-I don't want to!" he shook his head as he hoped onto a near by park-bench.

He chuckled.

"It's a harmless kitten, Nadin, she won't bite" he said kindly; the kitten mewed.

"Wahh! G-get it away!" he made shooing motions with his hands.

He chuckled and shook his head as he set the kitten down. The kitten shook itself before looking at Nadin. It tilted its head before walking closer, giving another mew. Nadin nearly turned white as it stopped right in front of the bench.

"N-ngh!" he hoped over the kitten and dashed to hide behind Amaro.

"C-can we just go to this...Library thing now?" he asked, tugging on Amaro's arm.

He sighed and smiled.

"Yes, Nadin..we can"

Other: I'm sure i'll add to this over time...

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Headmaster Sakano
Headmaster Sakano

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Nadin C. Valore
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