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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Rahziel Loupe

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PostSubject: Rahziel Loupe   Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:21 am

Name: Rahziel Loupe.

Nickname(s): Pochi.

Age: 88 (in dog years, 18 in human years).

Birthday: 29 February.

Species: Werewolf.

Element: Thunder and Darkness.

Natural Born Abilities: Enhanced sense of smell and hearing.

Weapon(s): Brass knuckles and his legs (kicking expert).

Limitations of Weapon(s): Brass knuckles are only limited to close combat and weak against long ranged attacks. His legs can get worn out or injured, he can miss with an attack and is at a disadvantage when in long ranged battles.

Explanation of Weapon: The brass knuckles has the basic shape with a black base and dull silver tribal designed engravings - which has a grainy texture - over it. The insides of the holes are silver and have Latin inscriptions engraved around the rims. (Created and given to him by his grandfather.) And, well...his legs are his legs.

Physical Appearance: Slim build with short gray hair and silver eyes. Has a pale complexion and a paw shaped birthmark on the bottom left side of his abdomen. 5'7". Often has a poker face.

General Attitude/Personality: Always has a calm and collected demeanor. Tries to avoid all trouble, since he finds it annoying but if he's challenged, he steps up to it. Quite laid-back and weird a times. He can also be quite blunt in speech.

Likes: His grandfather, Vegetables, Naps, Video Games, Dogs (especially puppies), Feeling the earth beneath his feet.

Dislikes: Eating meat, Loud and annoying things/ people, Strong smells.

Bad Habits: Unconsciously eating meat (due to carnivorous cravings). Walking around with bare feet. Staying up late playing games.

Goals: Increase the population of vegetarians.

Fears: Eating meat.

Mother/Father: Mother (werewolf, deceased), Father (werewolf).

Siblings: Two identical twin older brothers (nonidentical to Rahziel), two identical twin older sisters (nonidentical to Rahziel), three younger fraternal twin brothers and one fraternal youngest twin sister. (a litter of twins)

History: Rahziel's mother died after giving birth to him and his other eight siblings. Since there was only his father there to care all the children, there was a lot of rivalry. Rahziel's siblings all fought hard to see who received the most attention. Life was tough for Rahziel, his family already being poor and as the middle child. He received the least attention from his father, so he spent most of his time with his grandfather. His grandfather loved him best and trained him how to fight. His grandfather being a blacksmith, forged the brass knuckles for Rahziel and gave it to him on his 68th (13th) birthday, even though he was retired. The day after his birthday, he disappeared and Rahziel's life became worse. The family's blacksmith business went bankrupt and was forced to close down. Because of this, his father fell into depression and seeked comfort in drinking and gambling. Him and his siblings were forced to work, only so that his father could waste it on drinking and gambling. After eight years of labour, Rahziel couldn't take any more work and finally resorted to stealing. He tried to rob a politician, who was actually an underboss of a well-known mafia in town. He failed and was taken to the Don. He was tortured and threatened to have his organs sold, when the Don suddenly recognised him. The Don was actually a very close friend of his Grandfather's and met Rahziel when he was very young. He took Rahziel's family under his wing and also because he didn't have grandchildren of his own. But he didn't know the whereabouts of his Grandfather. When Rahziel was finally 88 (18), he decided that he needed a real education instead of being tutored at home and sent him to Midnight Trinity.

RP Example: Rushing feet shattered the reflection in the puddles. Shouting footsteps echoed through the black alleyway, jolting the stars out of their sleep. His breath poured out in heavy, ragged pants. It shivered, turning white from the cold. He was swift in movement, dodging the rain's lethal attacks. He waltzed across the wet herringbone concrete and evaded the watchful eyes of the full moon. It was now or never. Slowing down, then stopping. A formidable opponent had blocked his path. Firm and overwhelming, it laughed at his attempts. "Come at me if you must.", it seemed to taunt. His expression spoke no words, his eyes undecipherable as he scrutinized his enemy. He inhaled, exhaled, then charged forward. He leapt and pulled himself up. His foe shook beneath his weight, sweating of the droplets of rain. Reaching the summit his eyes scanned ahead, locking onto his destination. Mounting off, he ran the remainder of his journey.

A trembling hand reached for the polished door handle. He pulled. Nothing. He pulled again. Still nothing. What's going on? Then a sharp feeling pierced through his gut. He suddenly felt nervous, afraid even. He's never felt this way before. His eyes trailed along the glass door's front and paused at the top. They widened. He was too late!

"Yeah man, it's closed." a young guy said beside him. Dressed in a red uniform, he appeared to be an employee.

"..." Rahziel was dumbfounded. His tongue forgetting how to function. What about Dragon Meisters IV?

The man placed a reassuring hand on Rahziel's shaking shoulder. "Don't worry dude, it opens tomorrow. Hey! Do you know Dragon Meister IV is also being released tomorrow?" He grinned.

Rahziel sighed. He wasn't to late, he was too early. As usual...

Other: Allergic to dogs, Vegetarian, Isn't very fond of shoes, Wears a double drop cross necklace.
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Headmaster Sakano

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Welcome To The Midnight Trinity~


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PostSubject: Re: Rahziel Loupe   Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:53 pm

Yay! Thank you Headmaster! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

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PostSubject: Re: Rahziel Loupe   

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Rahziel Loupe
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