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 Aeon Veilsin

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Headmaster Sakano
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PostSubject: Aeon Veilsin    Aeon Veilsin  I_icon_minitimeTue May 03, 2011 4:56 pm

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Name: Aeon Veilsin

Nickname(s): Veil

Age: Unknown.

Birthday: Undisclosed.

Species: Elven

Element: He can control elements through use of his spell cards.

Occupation: Mage Instructor

Natural Born Abilities: Telepathic communication

Weapon(s): Spell Cards

Limitations of Weapon(s): He needs to be in an open area to use them, as the spells he calls take on the form of a physical being. The number of cards coincide with a normal deck of playing cards and he is therefore limited to the amount of cards he can call during one time. After he uses one spell card, it gets shuffled back into the deck and he must wait until all of the other cards have been used in order to use that card again. Although he can call up to two spells at a time, those elements can not be natural opposites or else they will cancel one another out; i.e: Earth and Air or Water and Fire.

Explanation of Weapon: He has multiple spell decks he can choose from. For example, he has a deck for each element; Water/Ice, Earth, Fire, Thunder, Darkness, Light, Protection/Healing.

Physical Appearance: He has teal colored hair and purple eyes. He has an embedded jewel decorum located under his left eye indicating his nobility and high class. He has gentle, graceful features as one would expect from an Elf. His clothing is a mixture of form-fitting with light and flowing. Due to his Elven blood, he will eternally appear youthful.

General Attitude/Personality: His playful and mischievous nature has carried on with him into adult hood. He likes to play the occasional harmless prank on someone. He takes things seriously when he needs too. He's passive and only uses violence as a last resort. At the same time, he loves to argue with his twin, Arcane. He delights in annoying him and telling him to constantly 'lighten up'. He loves to be around Tarot, his younger step brother, and be his rock during stressful situations. He loves to teach and be around eager young minds; Tarot is a perfect example.

Likes: Playing cards [he's very good at it~] Taking walks, his brothers, pranking others [harmlessly]

Dislikes: High pitched sounds, people with no sense of humor.

Bad Habits: During serious situations he tends to make jokes. It's a defense habit. Its his way of dealing with stress/someone's death ect.

Goals: To make people laugh and keep a positive air about him and try to pass on his happy outlook on life to others; mainly his twin.

Fears: Enclosed spaces; he's very claustrophobic.

Mother/Father: Esataen and Tacaar Veilsin. They're siblings. His mother is deceased.

Siblings: Arcane, his twin and Tarot, his step brother.

History: Aeon was born into a high ranking nobility class of Elves. He bares the jeweled family crest of Veilsin under his left eye; at birth the symbol is magically sealed into the infants skin. He was born with the natural ability of being able to commune with and control nature. He was a very mischievous child, and was often found running around causing trouble while his twin, Arcane, was always more structured and grounded and generally took things more seriously; most can't believe they're twins as their personalities are very different. Aeon is very fond of games but takes things seriously when he needs too.

During Aeon's eighth year, a war broke out between their clan, and a clan of Blood Elves. His Father went off to fight in the war, while his Mother remained home and assumed full control of the clan until her husbands return. Weeks passed, and news from the front was all but pleasant; she eventually received word that her husband was killed. Having no body to bury, they held a memorial service in his honor. About a year passed, during which the war continued, and their Mother had to take another husband to keep the balance of power equal. This was decided by the elders, and not of her own choice. Tacaar had three other siblings, the second oldest was chosen at that time to wed Esataen. During the months that followed, she bore him a son, Tarot. Another year passed, when seemingly out of the blue, Tacaar returned home. He was held captive by the Blood Elves, and was released during a prisoner exchange. Tacaar was allowed to re assume his role as Heru [Lord] should he defeat his brother in a fight which was common procedure. Tacaar ultimately won and fulfilled his brothers final request that he take care of his son, Tarot. Tacaar raised Tarot as if he were his own, and was taught the ways of their people. Aeon loved the prospect of having a little brother, while Arcane was opposed to the idea. He loved his father very much, and never liked the idea of his mother taking another husband. That being so, Arcane always distanced himself from Tarot, making the following very clear to him; "I have accepted you to be my brother. But that does not mean I must love you as such"

The boys grew up happily, learning and refining their unique skills. Aeon's skill lay in spells, Arcane's in sheer strength and predictions and Tarot possesses the unique skill of being able to commune with animals. Aeon left home in search of 'an adventure' and found himself here at the Midnight Trinity. Arcane and Tarot remained home. Arcane is currently in training to take his Father's place at the time of his eventual demise.

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If you would like to adopt this character, please PM The Headmaster


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Aeon Veilsin
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