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 Senshi Miyamoto

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PostSubject: Senshi Miyamoto   Senshi Miyamoto I_icon_minitimeSat May 21, 2011 6:22 pm

Senshi Miyamoto 2dl1111

Name: Senshi Miyamoto

Nickname(s): None at the moment

Age: Appears to be around Twenty

Birthday: June 13, ????

Species: Demon

Element: none

Natural Born Abilities: Spiritual healing

Weapon(s): Poisoned blood

Limitations of Weapon(s): Opponent would have to be in very close range for the poison to hit a part of their flesh. With only a little amount of poison, the burning/itching sensation will die off in a matter of minutes.

Explanation of Weapon: The blood tastes the same as a humans but with a terrible twist. The poison is deadly. If you were to get the blood on your skin, it will start to itch and burn, but would subside in a matter of moments depending on the amount. If it were to go into your mouth, or inside a cut it’ll burn much longer like hydrogen peroxide and slowly rot away your flesh.

Physical Appearance: Senshi is pretty much a tattoo-holic. His body is 90% covered in tattoo’s, which he has done by himself. Most of his body art consists of flowers, vines around his leg, Japanese lotus’ his body, black, droopy roses and much more. His skin is a sickly grey color. He likes to dress in a formal matter from a single-breasted, solid color suit in black, grey or navy blue to any sort of dress vests. He also likes to mess with his hair a lot. From a simple messy raven black hair, to messy black hair with blood red streaks. Lastly, he is literally all bones, and has piercing blue eyes.

General Attitude/Personality: Despite his horrid appearance, He is a gentle man in every way possible. he is well behaved, well educated and refined in his manners, and knows the proper timing and setup to express his grievances. he’ll only act like this if you treat him with respect. If not..well then, you just have to find out.

Likes: Tattoo’s, flowers, Death of any kind, more particularly in birds. Bird skulls, animal teeth, basically any type of animal bone. His viperfish whom he named “viper”. He loves the big guy dearly. Lattes and other types of coffee. And waking up early.

Dislikes: his grey skin, kittens. -A cat almost a viper once, and ever since then, he hates the little fuzz balls.- Being called “Deadweight“,“Zombie” or “Elf”

Bad Habits: Staring at people for no apparent reason. Not eating. Showing people his collection of animal parts/skins

Goals: None at the moment.

Fears: Poisoning a loved one.

Mother/Father: Both are demons, but are dead.

Siblings: A younger brother who is at the age of Eighteen, who tends to act like Senshi’s father at times.

History: Born in 1991 in South Africa, his mother was South African women while his father was Japanese. Senshi was the first born, and two years later, his mother gave birth to another son.
When he became fifteen, he decided to ask the villages witch doctors and spiritual doctors to teach him the various arts of healing. He had great success in that area.
Jumping ahead a few years when Senshi was about nineteen years old, he married a beautiful African women by the name of Nomble who bore him two children. The oldest, a boy who the mother named “Tau” which means “lion” and a little girl who Senshi named “Sada” meaning pure one.
In the later years, when both of the children were able to talk, scream, yell, cuss, all of that good stuff. Tau and Sada looked like ordinary children. Besides the whole Were-going-to-kill-you-in-your-sleep personality when they did not get what they want. Both of them were a royal pain in the ass with their attitudes and snide remarks. And yet, Senshi and Nomble loved them dearly and did what ever they wanted.
By the age of twenty, senshi’s parents were killed, but did not know how or why, so he took his family, and his little brother out of Africa to come live in Japan where they start a new life.

RP Example: Senshi sipped his latte cautiously. He needed the caffeine but it was hot. He was currently sitting alone in a high-backed, narrow booth in the campus coffee shop. At this ridiculously early hour he was the shop's only customer. With the exception of the and the lone coffee server, the shop was completely empty. When he'd ordered, the light haired barista had stared at him sleepily, seemingly less awake than senshi was, before making his drink with slow, automatic movements. Senshi had leaned against the counter literally staring at the barista, just waiting for him to finish the drink.

“Senshi! Would you stop staring at me like that?? It’s creeping me out.”

“Oh, Please forgive me. “ He replied in a gentle voice, lowering his gaze like he was asked too. “I just thought that you would be use to me staring is all.”

The barista chuckled placing the hot latte next to the demon. “Not quite yet” He replied taking a seat in front of him behind the counter. “You waiting for your brother?”

“Yes, He should be here soon with my luggage. “

What was taking him so damn long anyway?

Other: haha. I’m too lazy to add more to the rp example. And I cannot think of a history for the little guy. Sorry, I know it sucks. I’v been working on this dang thing for over a month D<

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PostSubject: Re: Senshi Miyamoto   Senshi Miyamoto I_icon_minitimeSat May 21, 2011 7:41 pm

[[Well maybe over time you'll come up with a History~]]


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PostSubject: Re: Senshi Miyamoto   Senshi Miyamoto I_icon_minitimeSat May 21, 2011 7:47 pm

( Hopefully. ~)

And thank you very much.
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Senshi Miyamoto
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