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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Azrael Amara

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Azrael Amara 33ze5wz

Name: Azrael Amara

Nickname(s): none

Age: Nineteen

Birthday: August 18th 1992

Species: Fey

Element: none at the moment

Natural Born Abilities: telekinesis

Weapon(s): White gold dagger

Limitations of Weapon(s): Only good for a close range fight, and because of how old the dagger is, there are several cracks so it could break at any time.

Explanation of Weapon: . the blade has a fire breathing dragon pattern edged on it with red eyes made out of red rubies. the handle is made out of zinc/aluminum alloy. at the blades end, it bears a beautiful dragon cast which tapers onto the handles end.
overall length: 15 inches
blade length: 9.5 inches
handle length: 5.5 inches

Physical Appearance: Standing at 5’9 with long black/dark brown hair which is kept braided in a ponytail, he has very unique eyes that are red in color, with an additional red ring around the pupils. He also wears red eyeliner which he puts on his top lids. Clothing wise, usually a black crop top with hakama pants, or something relaxing and loose fitting.

General Attitude/Personality: Azrael was taught/expected to speak softly and never raise his voice even when angry; as his mother would put it “it is a very desirable trait to have in be able to put across their viewpoint without getting red in the face.“ and “Soft-spoken children are so soothing; while loud-mouths are so crass.”

Personality wise, -if you get him to open up- Azrael is compassionate, when he loves someone or something, he loves whomever with all he has. He is also friendly, caring, kind, and somewhat a worry wart.

Likes: Soothing music, ice cream, any kind of food. -he’ll eat anything- gold necklaces/chokers, anything with gold, Kittens~ and poetry

Dislikes: Abuse of any sort, angry/loud people.

Bad Habits: Talking very, very, veryyy softly

Goals: to control his powers

Fears: nothing~

Mother/Father: Mother: Sakeenah. Father: n/a (both fairies~)

Siblings: none

History: Azrael was born a only child with married parents who happened to be fairies. They lived in the Arabian Deserts in a small adobe house that his father made by himself which consisted of one room which served as a bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

Life in the Arabian Desert was quite interesting to the curious young fey at the time. He would hunt for little lizards, snakes, and sometimes small mammals but would never cause them any harm. The area was crawling with life and had cool water. Life was great.

Soon after, more families joined them in their little area in the desert, but they were all human. Azrael’s mother was in fear that, if the humans knew that they were fairies, they would try to kill them. She told her son, and husband to not practice any magic, or speak of anything supernatural around these humans until she knew that they could be trusted. In that time, some humans thought that some fairies are known to “steal” children from their parents if they show any sign of weakness, or in Ill health, or they are considered “bad luck”.

His father agreed without hesitation, and so did Azrael.

After a few years when Azrael was 18, he secretly began to work on his telekinesis in his home whenever he could. One day, one of the neighbors was looking for the fey to see if he was willing to go hunt for some gazelles when they walked in on him and saw several pieces of adobe block levitating above the fey. The neighbor shrieked causing Azrael to drop the blocks out of surprise. “oh dear...”.

“Demon! Monster!” screeched the neighbor, and started to run back to her home to tell her husband, and the other families on what she just saw.

As calm as can be Azrael stood up with his eyes flashing darkly as he watched the women run. “I would stop if I were you...” The screaming ceased and all was silent for a brief moment.
“Good girl..Now why don’t you waltz on back in here.”

The girls body glowed a faint red, and was harshly forced back by an unknown force into the room with her head smashing into the houses interior. Blood splattered everywhere; she was dead.

He didn’t mean to kill just sort of happened.

Soon after, the mother came back and upon seeing what her son had done..well it was moving time~

Rp example: The wind screams as it fly’s through the city as particles of sand roughly brush against the young fey’s cheeks as he walks along the urban place in search of some food. The birds in the area were very scarce now a day’s along with the many mammals who use to inhabit the area.
There had been little rain in the past twenty days, and life was very faint for Azrael’s family and friends.
His mother would cry and pray to the lord every night, asking him to bless the city with rain, but it never happened. Azrael was never religious, but he wished to please his mother, and not anger her so he’d play along in her, or the families time of need.
“Mother..” he said in a small voice, “Perhaps he has a plan in mind for our family.” He smiles taking her hands into his. “Like you have told me -countless- times..the “lord” works in mysterious maybe..He’s telling us to get the hell out of this desert wasteland?”
His mother took one look at her son with piercing crimson eyes and sighed. “Maybe you are right--…Ah!” She paused tearing her hands away from her sons grasp. “I know the perfect place~ Well, for you at least. It‘s a place called Midnight could study there and work on your powers.”
Azrael blinked, arching a thin black brow. “Midnight..What?” He murmurs, running a hand threw his hair getting some sand out. “mm..Alright I guess.”

Other: He’s uke~ he may not look like it..but he is. And he’ll try to cover it up with his looks and calm nature and….”manliness~”

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Azrael Amara
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