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 Kojiro Yoshimoto

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Kojiro Yoshimoto-sensei
Kojiro Yoshimoto-sensei

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Name: Kojiro Yoshimoto

Nickname(s): Koji, Dokuganryū (One-Eyed Dragon)

Age: 540

Birthday: June 1, 1471

Species: Demigod (Half-human, half-God)

Element: Darkness

Natural Born Abilities:
-Inhuman strength and speed
-The ability to control darkness and form it into a ‘living’ thing
-Hypnosis with his eye

-Six Katana
-Gold scythe

Limitation(s) of Weapons:
-It’s difficult to carry six katana at once, so he usually carries one and they don’t have long reaches.
-The scythe is too big to be carried around except for special occasion.

Explanation of Weapon:
-The Katana are standard length and width, carried in a black sheath with a bandaged, diamond-pattern hilt.
-The scythe is large, gold and made of something stronger than steel. It’s shaped like a cross and adorned with chains and ancient Greek symbols.

Physical Appearance: Kojiro is 6’4’’ with dark hair almost shoulder-length. His regular eye color is a golden brown, but changes depending on his mood. His body is tanned and well-muscled. He wears an eye patch on his right eye, due to the eye being taken out when he was much younger. Kojiro also has an ancient dragon tattoo on his left side that starts at his chest and snakes it way down his entire left arm.

General Attitude/ Personality: Being that he was one of the best warlords ever during the Sengoku era, Kojiro was-and still-is very cocky and ambitious. Kojiro takes every challenge and approach with a warrior’s attitude. Though he may seem unapproachable, he is a natural leader and loves to lead and help the younger generation become leaders in any way he can. It’s why, in this modern age, he’s become a teacher and is one of the best at it. Once you get to really know Kojiro, most people close to him finds that he’s quite a jokester and doesn’t take everything seriously, though he can be when the need calls for it.

-Martial Arts
-His old Samurai uniforms from the days with his clan
-Competitive games
-Traditional Japanese clothing

-Modern times
-Technology (It’s so complicated!)
-Unmotivated people

Bad Habits:
-Picking fights
-Drinking too much
-Being too strict and too stern

-To be a good teacher and leave his mark on this world.


-Miho Iwasaki, human wife of a daimyo
-Tsukuyomi, Japanese Moon God

-Fuma Motosuwa, half-brother
-Other half siblings he doesn't know

History: 1470. Yonezawa, Japan. The Moon God, Tsukuyomi visited his mother while she slept, in the guise of her husband, a ruler who’d traveled off to other lands just days before, made love to her and impregnated her with Kojiro. It was four years after suffering and misery were brought about due to natural disasters and economic distress. Kojiro was born with his Divine powers sealed, and raised human, believed to be the son of the human daimyo. But in his dreams, he knew who his real father was. He was young during the Sengoku period, where the economic distress of the country caused political instability between rulers wanting to rule, leading into warfare.

Because his human father was an established ruler, Kojiro didn’t live the life of suffering that many of the peasants and non-nobles lived. He spent his childhood preparing for his ultimate goal: To bring stability and peace back to the lands and to provide for the people who needed it. Since he could walk, Kojiro began to train and learned quickly that he was unusually strong. At sixteen, Kojiro joined his father’s army as a foot soldier, charmed to his father’s cause—that he believed to be good.

But his human father didn’t have intentions toward peace or goodwill for the people. He strategically used the civil war outbreak to take over other regions, looking out for the stability of himself and his own clan. Though Kojiro tried, unsuccessfully, to persuade his father to better visions, he wouldn’t listen and was beaten for it. Young and naïve, he didn’t think to go against a powerful man such as his human father. Closing himself off to his emotions and own ideas, Kojiro grew in rank when he became vicious, ruthlessly using his fighting and leading prowess to help his father take over regions of the warring states. At aged twenty-one, Kojiro became general of his father’s army.

At age twenty-six he also lost his right eye in battle trying to take over the region of an even more powerful ruler than his father. They’d failed, were conquered and Kojiro was enslaved for months. He died six months later by hanging.

Upon his human death, Tsukuyomi grieved the loss of a son who had great potential and brought him back from Hell to live once more, as an immortal with his powers unlocked.
Kojiro, with his newfound strength and one eye, gained the nickname, Dokuganryu, as he viciously and swiftly overthrew corrupt leaders and took over. He built his clan for good cause and took the last name of his mentor and brother-in-arm, Meiji Yoshimoto, who also died serving his father’s cause.
He overthrew his father years later, and after a murder attempt on him, Kojiro killed him. It took many hard years of fighting and determination, honing of skills, but finally Kojiro and the Yoshimoto Clan finally restored peace to Japan.

Kojiro gave up leadership of his clan to his underlings and traveled around the world, lending a hand to other nations in need, honing his powers and skills, and bringing peace.
Now, in this modern age, he has decided to pass along his knowledge and skills to others, hopefully for good cause. He has found that even though he is restless for fighting, he loves to teach and gladly found his way to Midnight Trinity to become its Mythology teacher and a Martial Arts Instructor.

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Kojiro Yoshimoto
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