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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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Krahe Kaiser
Krahe Kaiser

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Vincent de Romanas





May 27, 1991



+element :


+natural born abilities:

Vincent has the ability to see ones fears. And to be quite frank, when he was born, he’d been able too see it. Physically see it.

In his prospective, ones fear was like a shadow-y entity circling around the person like a hungry lion about to attack his pray.

At times, Vincent can feel someone’s fear from the past; from the increased heart-rate, the sweat, or a sudden bloom of heat or cold across the face and or body, shaking and trembling, even the small hairs prickling on the back of the neck.

Since he is able to see and feel others fears, he can use it against an enemy in battle. He could easily taunt them/send them clear images/ illusions of it and more.

+Limitation(s) of weapon:

-His mask must be off in order to see ones fears.

-Vincent’s eyes are very sensitive to the sun; his mask serves like a shield for his eyes, so he is unable to go without his mask for only half an hour.

+Explanation of weapon:

Vincent does not carry any other weapons. He only relies on his ability.

In order for his ability to work, first he must (of course) take off his mask and focus his gaze straight at his target‘s eyes. He then has the privilege to snoop inside their mind, and piece together their worst fear. Then he could easily study it; learn from it.

Once he pieces the fear together, he can then project the image to the person~

If the target was already afraid, or thinking about something that shakes them to the bones, the fear could be seen around then, almost like a black mist, circling them.

He could use this too, to his advantage. Perhaps even taunt, make then have a mental break down..

They could die from fright~ You never know

+physical appearance:

Vincent’s face is mostly seen with a blackish-purple mask covering his dark blue eyes. His eyes are rather sensitive to the sun, and also wears it because of his ability to see ones fears. The mask serves as a shield so that he cannot look into ones mind and search for their greatest fear.

It gives him a slight headache~

However, when the mask is removed, his eyes flicker to a bright golden color, and grows medium sized horns that curve upward.

He tends to wear European type clothing that are one the dark side of the color chart. From dark blues to purples. Other then that, he would also wear simple black shirts and appear more human~

Vincent was blessed with waist-length dark purple hair with a light pale complexion, which is due from not being in the sun as much.

He is roughly Five foot nine.. He truly wishes to be a little more taller.

His ears are decorated with three cartilage piercing; one purple, one black and the other a deep blue. His ears are also larger then normal ears which are pointed, almost like an elf’s. Beside the ears, his fingernails are also slightly long and pointed. Also his teeth are pointed~

+general attitude/personality:


Being a perv
Being too lazy

His ability at times
Being forced to kill someone for his parents

+Bad habits:
None at the moment~

To find a looovaahh~



((I’ll write this later..=w=))


Vincent belongs to a young generation of demons who specialized in the art of fear.

When he was born, he was given the gift to see ones deepest, darkest, fear. No one could hide their fears from him, or his family.

From a very young age, his mother and father taught him everything he had to know about his abilities. From learning how to search ones mind, to fully understand why they are afraid, and how to use it against them. Vincent really had to grow up fast, so he did not have much of a childhood. He had very little friends but he didnt mind the fact that he enjoyed the tranquility he had with himself and his family.

the only thing he was really interest in was fear. He loved fear because it made him feel alive.

The de Romanas family had a few enemies of course, so Vincent was trained to fight and possibly kill them if necessary. When he did get involved in a coral, he would slowly kill them by finding their worst fear and entering their mind with this fear and playfully taunt them with pictures and vivid memories. Some went hysterical, eventually loosing their minds. Some even died of fright, but with help of course from his father.

This started when he was only fourteen year old~

Somedays, he would take home a “victim” and test their limits~ ((blah blah blah. I’m lazy. Basically he was bred to use his ability to help fight with his family. The parents did not really care for him, used him as a weapon really. Made him train and fun~ He cant say “no” to his parents~ Yeah.))

+Rp example:
*Vincent stood at the top of the stairs looking down into dark cold basement. The chain for the light dangled just above him. He reached up and pulled the chain. A small amount of light filled the basement. He went down the steps onto the ground floor. In the corner laid a corps of an older-looking man who was bound to the wall by chains. He seemed to be sleeping.

Vincent approached him quietly and kneeled in front of him. He then removed his mask and his blue eyes flickered to a bright gold. He penetrated the man’s mind; he was having a slight nightmare. He grinned some. Vincent stayed there for a moment, contemplating on whenever or not to test his limits one last time, or just let the poor guy live.



“Eh~” He stood up, yawning slightly and put on his mask. He was to lazy now..his father could finish him~

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Welcome To The Midnight Trinity~


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