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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Fuma Motosuwa

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Fuma Motosuwa
Fuma Motosuwa

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PostSubject: Fuma Motosuwa   Fuma Motosuwa I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 31, 2011 3:33 pm

Fuma Motosuwa 40270311

Name: Fuma Motosuwa

Nickname(s): Moto-chan

Age: 560

Birthday: November 13, 1451

Species: Demigod (Half-human, half-God)

Element: Fire

Natural Born Abilities:
- Inhuman speed and strength
- Wield and create fire
- Eye Illusions and hypnosis

- Large death scythe

Limitation(s) of Weapon:
- Because of it’s large size, the scythe is pretty slow.

Explanation of Weapon:
(They won't let me upload image)

Physical Appearance: Fuma is about 6’6 with short, white hair. His skin is tanned and he has a muscular build. As a result of an eye injury, he wears a patch over his left eye. There are two sword wounds on his left side, which he usually keeps concealed with war paint.

General Attitude/Personality: Fuma is cocky and can be arrogant, but he has a fun-loving nature. He tends to be more relaxed and laid-back, even a bit of a jokester. He is also the bad-boy and jealous type, with intentions that are never any good. He’s lecherous, flirtatious and voyeuristic as well.

- Fighting
- Swordsmanship
- Training
- Exercise
- Sex
- Liquor
- Modernism
- Technology
- Cute guys
- Nudity
- Traveling
- Cigarettes
- Games
- Sports

- Clothes (Thinks they should be outlawed)
- Laziness
- His Father
- Losing at anything
- Rules/Limits
- Ignorance/Stupidity

Bad Habits:
- Drinking too much
- Bad sportmanship
- Coming off as too perverted/ Overly touchy-feely
- Doing what he wants and not following rules
- Too many ulterior motives for his actions

- Revenge
- To prove something…

- Nothing

- Kara Amagi, human
- Tsukuyomi, Japanese Moon God

- Kojiro Yoshimoto, half-brother
- Other half-siblings that he doesn’t know nor cares to know

History: 1450. Honshu, Japan. Kara Amagi, was a beautiful, human priestess who had dedicated her life to serving the sun goddess, Amaterasu. Some even claimed that she was the human reincarnation of the goddess herself. Because of her loyalty, Amaterasu blessed Kara, gave her all that she asked of, and during the daylight when the sun was high and bright in the sky, she protected her from all ill will and evil. But there was nothing she could do to protect Kara when night fell.
Tsukuyomi, still enraged over the fact that his sister Amaterasu had separated from him, wanted to exact revenge. He knew exactly how much Amaterasu loved Kara and how she’d doted on the beautiful human woman. One night, when he knew that his sister couldn’t watch her nor protect her, Tsukuyomi visited Kara in her temple, raped her and impregnated her.

Because she knew that no man would marry her after what had happened, Kara ultimately stopped worshipping Amaterasu and went with Tsukuyomi as one of his concubines and to raise their son.

Fuma was born. He grew into a very powerful demigod, with fighting and swordsmanship prowess unlike any other. He was also very spoiled, used to having his way, but he would do anything to please his father.

When Fuma was a young man, Tsukuyomi sent him to Yonezawa, Japan—which at that time was a distressed economy filled with political instability between rulers. He was sent with very strict rules: To find Kojiro Yoshimoto and to stay by his side and let no harm befall him.

Fuma, always one to please his Father, did as told. He joined Kojiro’s human father’s army and watched over Kojiro. Over the years, Fuma watched as Kojiro was blessed by Tsukuyomi with unbelievable gifts, powers, strength and fighting prowess to rival his own. Though he’d come to care about Kojiro, he also became jealous and wondered why Tsukuyomi seemed to care and love Kojiro more than he.

It wasn’t until later that Fuma found out that Kojiro was his half-brother, and that Tsukuyomi did in fact love him more and was proud of his accomplishments. Outraged, he wanted revenge on his Father for keeping this secret and for the love he felt towards Kojiro.

Fuma was also a high rank in their army and well-trusted. He’d been the traitor that had purposely sent Kojiro and his men after a ruler and his clan, knowing full well that they were demons in human guise. He knew that with all of his powers untapped, Kojiro would not stand a chance, and he did not help him and instead let him die.

After Kojiro’s death, Fuma became leader of their army and rebuttled against his father, Tsukuyomi. After years of serving and living on top, he was not expecting to be overthrown by none other than Kojiro, himself. With his powers fully restored and reborn immortal, Kojiro and his new clan had overthrown them, and Kojiro had damned near killed him in a hellacious battle that had nearly accosted him his left eye—his demon’s eye, as he liked to call it, as it contained his illusionary powers.
But Fuma had survived, if barely, and it’d taken him almost a decade of full recovery. Kojiro had severed limbs…
Though Fuma had never forgotten that ominous day, during his recovery he’d pushed that aside as he became fascinated with living in the human world. And so for centuries, he’d lived his life free from his Father, and living life as humans do, and quite enjoying it very much so.

It wasn’t until recently that Fuma found that Kojiro was still living in Japan and was in fact teaching. Now, he wanted revenge unlike any other. He came to Midnight Trinity, under guise of a Physical Education teacher in order to get close to Kojiro…
Why? For revenge of course…or so he hopes.

Other: Living life here in the human realm, Fuma has taken on a lot of odd jobs and hobbies that he enjoys, such as stripping, modeling, pornography, working at bondage and submission clubs, etc. etc.

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Headmaster Sakano
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Welcome To The Midnight Trinity~


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Fuma Motosuwa
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