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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Valdrigr Marinescu

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Valdrigr Marinescu

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Valdrigr Marinescu  AllelujahHaptism


Valdrigr Marinescu




July 13, 1993



+element :

+natural born abilities:

Being a new “fledgling”, he is not sure what his abilities are so far, or what comes naturally to him.

+Explanation of weapon:
Prefers not to fight.

+Limitation(s) of weapon:
^ Read above

+physical appearance:

-He has black, medium length hair that flips out on the bottom, but when in the sunlight, it’s a mixture of black and green. His eyes are a light blue.
-When feeding however, his eyes turn to red.
Has a small pair of pearly white fangs when, or when he is not feeding
-His skin complexion is almost a tan-ish color.
-Roughly five foot nine.
-Tends to wear a mask at times to cover his nose to try to get away from the delicious smell of human blood.
-Has two small cut marks on the side of his neck from when he was made

+general attitude/personality:
Generally a nice guy who try’s to help others in their time of need, since he use to work at a hospital. At times, he can be very flamboyant and just in a good mood. Overall a simple guy..
How ever, when it comes to feeding, he tends to get careless and not gently towards others and his “meal”.


Type “B” blood
Different assortments of wines
Dove chocolate~

The fact that when he was turned, he was left to fend for himself.
Depressing people

+Bad habits:
Being to careless when feeding, like being to sloppy.

To find his maker
Learn what his abilities are

Killing others.

Both are human, the mother is forty-seven, and is French, The Father is full French and a little older then his wife.


Vald was born in 1993 with a French and Romanian background. He was originally from Paris, France, but moved to the United states.

He is now heavily into aristocratic French clothing like silk button down shirts with ruffles. Lace collars,etc.

As a human, he would wear much simpler clothing, nothing too fancy.

… …. … … … .. … … …

He was no stranger to death before he was turned. He always knew/believed that their was no way to escape death in their life time.

At the age of nineteen, Vald had began to work at the nearby hospital in his neighborhood. He’d been working the midnight shift. A elderly man was brought suddenly into the emergency room; he was having a massive heart attack.

Being that it was his first day of work, he was panic stricken. Without him knowing, the nurses appeared along with a doctor and took the man to the urgent care room. He followed right behind them, still a little shaken. He helped with everything that he could do. From checking the blood pressure, to preparing the necessary equipment to save the guys life. While the doctor went to help the man, he could hear the faint whisper of the elderly man’s voice, begging them to help him, that he dident want to die, who would take care of his wife, everything.

He did not make it.

Vald felt terrible, not being able to help the guy. He wanted to weep.

The doctor told him to cover the body, and then inform his wife and family. The doctor then said, “He was already dead, son. As soon as he went threw those hospital doors. “

He was shocked..Did he really just say that??

“..You cant run away from death. We all have expiration dates.”


“So don’t waist your tears. You know,” He added after everything was cleaned off, and the family was informed. “were all sinners, damned to all go to hell..No use for crying then. You got to except it.”

Tch. Except it?

“Yeah, well..I’ll find a way to get rid of all those sins..”

“Hmm. Good luck~”

four o’clock in the morning. The shift was now done.

He was still worked up about what the doctor had said to him. He hated it. How could anyone say such a thing?? He packed up his belongings and proceeded out the hospital doors. The night air felt nice, but not as relaxing as he would want it to be. It was still fairly dark out. He got into his car and drove out of the parking lot.

The doctors words still bothered him. It was all he could think about. Before he could realize it, he was drifting his car in the other lane, and a large truck rammed into him head on. Everything went black. No pain, no sound, just total darkness.

When he awoke, his vision was blurry, and was in total pain; there were several tubes down his throat and was unable to move. He could hear the nurses and doctors fussing over little things, but did not know what really. He rolled his eyes, attempting to focus on the near-by heart monitor. From what he could see, it wasn’t good.

“But doctor..Val might be able to pull threw!” Said of the nurses.

What was going on?..

“Be realistic here. His spine is pretty much broken, and if he does recover, he’ll be left paralyzed from the neck down.”


“Then what are you planning on doing, then?”

Yeah..what are you going to do?

“What we do now is take those damn tubes out of his mouth. He’s better off dead anyway. “

I am..Arnt I?

He then felt something drip down the back of his neck, and heard it splash onto the floor. The last thing he heard was the sound of the heart-monitor let out a long, steady beep, and a thick, raspy voice came into his head. “I‘ll take out all your sins, little one..-I‘ll suck out all the sins out of that sinful neck of yours..-everything went black, literally.

The whole hospital lost power; everything went pitched black. A few minutes later the power came back on.

He opened his eyes, which flashed to a dark shade of red and looked around. His breathing declined slightly, he felt no more pain -besides the one in his neck- and his vision came back.

One of the nurses noticed this and approached him. She then motioned to the doctor that Val was alive and looked..well.

“Impossible.” The doctor said as he moved the nurse away from him. Once he saw him, his jaw dropped. “How the hell..”

He looked at the doctor and gently took out the tube that was in his mouth. He easily sat up. His eyes had gone back to their original color.

“But your..your dead! Why the fuck are you still alive??”

He took a quick glance at his body, which was now completely healed. He blinked, then smirked.

“Still think I’m a sinner~? If I was..I think I would of died.”

After that, he had a brief conversation with his maker when he was resting, and that was the last time he heard of him

When Vald returned home, his parents instantly knew that he was different. So he explained everything. And since then, they were very supportive.

+Rp example:

“Still hurting my little one?~” Sang the same raspy voice inside the newly made vampires head. Vald, who was still lying in the hospital bed scanned the room, searching for this particular voice.

No such luck.

“Well of course you cannot locate me, my little one..~”

The newling sighed, closing his eyes. “What now? Do I have to fake my death and then leave my parents?”

The voice chuckled in his head as he replied with a simple “no”. “Figure things out for yourself, Vald. I can’t help you figure out everything~ That would be very boring.”

Vald ignored the comment and sat up, cracking his neck from side to side. It was weird..he could see almost every detail of the room that was not visible to the human eye. It bothered him. “Oh..To answer your first question, I am kinda hurting..well my stomach. Must be hungry..~

“Good~ You figured it out without my help.” *the voice laughed* “Why not drain the blood of that doctor? I know you want to kill him~ I know you cannot forgive him for what he said about that old man…”

He gave it a good thought, then decided to go with it.
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Headmaster Sakano
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Welcome to the Midnight Trinity~

We invite you to join us on Facebook as well ^_^

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, feel free to message me~


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Valdrigr Marinescu

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Thank you very much~
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