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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Hajime Himura

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Hajime Himura

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PostSubject: Hajime Himura    Hajime Himura  I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2012 3:22 pm

Hajime Himura  Deadman_wonderland_10

Hajime Himura


Appears to be in mid twenties

September 13, ????



Natural born ability:
Inhuman strength and speed, blood absorbing.(can make the blood come out of his forearms, forming them into scythe-like blades))

His fists, others blood

Limitation of weapons:
Hands tend to get sore very easily due to past fights
Depending on how much blood he takes in, it determines the length and size the blades

Explanation of weapons:
Once enough blood is consumed, he could either slice his forearms, or simply command the blood out of his skin to then form a scythe like blade made out of the blood. It’s range can vary from two to four feet long. However, if he wanted them to be much longer, more blood must be absorbed. He could use his blood, but he would not risk getting anemia.

Physical appearance:
Standing at 6’1, Hajime is a tall, muscular man with tanned skin. He has short spiked black hair that he contently cuts, since it grows rather quickly.

He wears a black eye patch that covers his right eye, due to having it removed forcibly at a very young age.

Being that he is the heir of an yakuza clan, he -should- be mostly seen with the required clothing, but once being accepted into the school, he would be wearing anything from leather dressy pants, anything that is semi-formal. He can’t stand street clothes.

General attitude/personality:
Hajime is always itching for a fight, or to slaughter so his personality quite fits him. He can be loud and arrogant, and sometimes down right rude. He's very..very..short tempered.
He also has some trust issues, so he does not like to be all “open” with others, even with his friends. He’s currently working on that problem though.
Despite all of this, he does have a good sense of humor, and can be quite sarcastic.

Fighting, killing, rowdiness, reading, blood, leather, tattoos..smoothiess c:

Being open with others, overly happy people, leading others/ telling them what to do. Today's music

Bad Habits:
When first meeting someone that he may be interested in, he’d always try to cut them to taste their blood.. c:
Fighting way to much..

To not be the heir of his fathers clan. He rather be off by himself, and have nothing to do with the yakuza.
To be more calm around others/ control his temper.

None at the moment.

Real father and mother are no longer alive. Adoptive father is alive, the mother was killed.


When both of his parents passed, a yakuza leader adopted haji at a very young age of three. His adoptive father provided advice, protection, training and help for the young demon threw out the years. And in return, he wanted unswerving loyalty and service when needed.

At an older age, he was taught about the way of the samurai, how violent deaths where traditionally seen as a poetic, tragic, and honorable fate. This interested him very much so.

When it was his eighteenth birthday, he accidentally found out about his blood ability.

Being a mild temper boy at the time, he did not necessarily have an urge to start up a fight. One day Haji was taking a stroll around the village by himself when three rival clans approached him with large grins on their faces. Somehow they knew that Haji was the heir to the Himura clan. Usually his adoptive father kept him well hidden from the world so he would not have to meet up with idiots who may try to kill him.

One man charged at haji at full speed and attempted to punch him in the head. The demon easily dodged and punched him dead center in the chest. The man fell back then but the others soon joined him. They fought ruthlessly for a while before one snuck behind him and locked his arms around hajis, making him unable to use his hands. The two other men proceeded to beat him up before one wrapped their hands around his neck, in attempt to strangle him. Haji began to choke, and before he could even think, he bite down on the man's hand which caused him to bleed and he backed off. Haji swallowed the blood and instantly his forearms started to tingle. The man who's hand was bitten glared at him and told the others to finish him off.

Before the others could do anything, haji tightly closed his eyes forced out whatever was making his arms tingle. Small blades penetrated out of his forearms and stabbed both men directly in the chest. The men's grip soon loosened on the demon and they loosely fell to the ground.

The last man's eyes widen in shock from what he just saw. He cursed under his breath and ran off. The demon stood there for a moment, blankly staring at the small blades on his forearms. They smelt of blood..and the blood that was on it from stabbing the two men was absorbed into the blades.

Haji's father was observing from a distance the whole time with a large, pleased grin plastered on his face.

Since that incident, his father began teaching him how to make those blades of his much more effective and deadly. He was no longer the helpful, loving adoptive father. He made haji go threw endless training and severe punishments. -Like forcing him to drink his enemy's blood to gain more power for his blades..or killing people that he loved for training- This made Haji cold, and full of hate, and eventually made him mad, making him want to fight and kill just for the hell of it.

A few weeks after some intense training, he couldn't seem to summon his blades. His father was royally pissed and ordered to get haji's right eye removed as punishment...

((gah. Too much writing..if you need to know anything, just ask))

Rp example:

(He's not in japan atm..)

There he sat in the bar, alone with a glass on rum in hand. He typically detested clubs, but he wanted to get out of the house for a little while.

The music was loud, the lights were flashing and roving and there were so many many for his own liking. Some looked like animals humping each other on the dance disgusted him. He took a sip of the rum when the song suddenly changed. He had no clue who sung it, or the name of it..but it had a descent beat. He tapped his fingers on the table to it as he listened.

"She licks me like a lollipop..."

Haji made a face then. "Did he just say..."She licked me like a..."

He actually felt embarrassed from this song, which was not normal. He leaned back against the chair, trying to get a good picture in his head.

" I told her to back it up like berp berp....I made that ass jump like jerp jerp.."

"I don't believe that "berp" and "jerp" is even a word.." The demon said after a moment, unable to help blinking at the unexpected explicitness of the lyrics. Who in the right mind even thought of those lyrics?!

He shook his head as he downed the rest of the rum. Whoever made those lyrics should be killed..

He grinned devilishly at the thought and stood up, making his way to the door.

(Short is short.)

Other: all..he's like crazy for power..basically will do anything for it, like his father kept on telling him. So if he senses someone real strong..he'll just attack c:
Kinda..brain washed? Yes. I think so..thank you daddy
That's why he came to the school, to control himself~

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Headmaster Sakano
Headmaster Sakano

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PostSubject: Re: Hajime Himura    Hajime Himura  I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2012 10:37 pm


Welcome To The Midnight Trinity~

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Hajime Himura

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PostSubject: Re: Hajime Himura    Hajime Himura  I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2012 10:40 pm

[He might, hm? Excellent~ Is Armand kind of violent, or has a job related to?]
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Hajime Himura
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