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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Kyoya Takanaka

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Kyoya & Renji

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PostSubject: Kyoya Takanaka   Kyoya Takanaka I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 09, 2012 11:53 pm

Appearance: Hyuga from Neo Angelique Abyss *Will upload pictures on Facebook*

Name: Kyoya Takanaka

Nickname(s): Kyo

Age: 113 years

Birthday: January 01, 1900

Sexual Orientation: Non-Judgmental

Species: Elf

Position at the School: Councilor

Element: Plant/Earth, Water

Natural Born Abilities: Ability to read people (read emotions, tell if they’re lying, etc.), Keen senses

Weapon(s): Bow & Arrows, Short Sword

Limitations of Weapon(s): Only carries twenty arrows on her person, Short sword can only be used within a certain range

Explanation of Weapon: *Will Upload pictures to Facebook*

Physical Appearance: 6’ He has an athletic build, his muscles wiry and thin, like that of a dancer. He carries himself with a kind of grace. Her features are thin and delicate, his eyes a distinct blue. He always seems to be watching you, her face gentle, but observant.  

General Attitude/Personality: He always seems kind and encouraging. He asks many questions, but rarely answers any of his own. He keeps his life to himself, and will concentrate more on other people than himself. He can be angered, but most the time he keeps his cool and just seems to watch. He knows a lot more than people notice at first and his smile is almost mischievous.

Likes: Asking questions, Meeting new people, Going to social gatherings, Taking care of his son, Taking care of people, Helping, Learning

Dislikes: Being asked questions, Seeing bad things happen

Bad Habits: Asking too many or too personal questions, Being protective, Trying to help people who don’t want it

Goals: Help the students of Midnight Trinity learn themselves

Fears: Death

Mother/Father: Katarina Clovis (Deceased, Elf) and Patrick Takanaka (397 years, Elf)

Siblings: None

Child: Renji Takanaka (Son, 17, Elf/Human Half breed)

History: Kyoya was born at the turn of the century. He grew up in a ‘gypsy’ band, moving around all the time. During World War II, he ended up leaving the travelers to avoid persecution. His light hair and blue eyes kept him from immediately dying as he moved about Europe. He moved to the states for a short time, before moving to Japan. He found a woman who caught his fancy, and he courted her for about a year. She dumped him, no longer desiring to be with a man who didn’t age as she did. She was only a young teenager.

He lived a simple life until 2003. He was living in Europe again. He received a summons from the Elven council, and as a good young man, he answered. The seer was Scrying and showed him and image of a young man lying in a hospital bed. Kyoya was confused, but it was explained easily. This was his son. Trinity Hayes had been only a week pregnant, when she dumped him. She had never expected this. And she decided it was for the best not to contact Kyoya and tell him what happened. The boy was 8 at the time. He decided to take the child, going to Japan and claiming custody. It was a fight, but he managed to win.

RP Example: *Same Player as Makano Mikage and Elizabeth Lokette*

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Headmaster Sakano
Headmaster Sakano

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PostSubject: Re: Kyoya Takanaka   Kyoya Takanaka I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 14, 2012 3:00 pm


Welcome To The Midnight Trinity~


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Kyoya Takanaka
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