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I am your Illustrious Headmaster, Sakano.

A few things before we get started...

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- Sincerely yours, Headmaster Sakano

The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Sakaki Hirano

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Sakaki Hirano


Appears to be around twenty-five

May 3rd, xxxx

Half human half demon


Natural Born Abilities:
Inhuman strength:
Water manipulation:

His own body is a weapon:
Also uses water manipulation if possible

Limitations of Weapon(s):
Only good for close range attacks, a few long range
Limbs get tried and or get sore
Must have a body of water present in the area

Explanation of Weapon:
Being an expert martial artist, the only weapon of choice would be to only rely on pure strength alone and what he had learned over the past few hundred years. To make it simple. His fist equals your face. Feet to the chest and so on.

Water manipulation is done by various movements, usually in the form of a martial arts techniques. He is able to move large masses of water, but not the whole lake itself. Also able to use them as weapons, or to simply defend himself. Though water manipulation is usually a last resort for him.

Physical Appearance:
Taking the form of an early twenty year old Asian male, Sakaki has natural navy blue hair that tends to look purple in the sunlight. Being a host, his body does not function normally. His hair grows rather slowly, and the rate of aging is slowed. Having the current hair length as of now shows that he has a bit more knowledge and wisdom then others.

His eyes are narrow and tinted red. He's body is considered that of a swimmer's build that incorporates a high level of muscle tone with a lack of bulk. Having that bulk on his body, in his opinion, is far too much and ugly. He is above-average height, broad shoulders, long arms, a long torso, a flat abdomen, a thin waist and muscular arms.

Various tattoos also cover half of his body that he had got some time ago. For piercings, he has both of his nipples done, and at times wears earnings, usually aqua in color.

Since he is a hosting a demon, unwillingly of course, the demonic features of the inhabitant are slightly breaking through the skin..starting at the neck. That is the purpose of the brace around his neck, to shield the breakage from unwanted eyes.

General Attitude/Personality:
definitely a silent type who doesn't like useless discussions and prefers listening rather then speaking. Awfully sharp and surprisingly intelligent, he can quickly understand the situation and make a full use of his natural instincts, and at times the demon's inside of him. In appearance, he usually keeps his cool, but in the inside he is fight his short-temper and anger. An example would be if a student of his is goofing off, or not bothering to pay attention to what he has to say. He may not show or act like it, but he really does care for others and has a very strong passion for teaching and protecting others.

Though, at times, his personality somewhat "slips". Once in a while he tends to be a bit more on the rowdy side. The short temperateness starts showing, along with the anger.

Hard working individuals
table tennis

Warm, humid areas
paper work

Bad Habits:
Biting on his bottom lip while instructing
Rubbing at the tender areas of his neck

To be able to teach and help others threw martial arts~
And to help others who have the same element as himself

None at the moment.

Mother: [human] Will think of the names another time...
Father: [Human]

Younger sister, Aiko [human]

At a young age, this human was considered a sensitive: being able to pick up on spirits beyond his understandings. At the age of ten, he met a demon by the name of ___. __ took on the appearance of a small boy around the age of Sakaki who always had a smile planted on his non-existing face. His body consisted of almost a endless abyss of blackness. But once in a while, the foolish was about able to see a fanged grin.

After a few years of knowing the demon, it's interesting and childish personality soon changed. It became almost like a bully to Sakaki by speaking to him in the voice of a dead relatives, tormenting him during the night so he could not sleep, and so on.

Confronting the demon one night, wanting to know why he'd been acting so unrationaly all of a sudden the feeling of dread came over the human as soon as the question left his lips. The demon explained saying "Imagine a soul that's been trapped in "hell" for hundreds of years..all there is is darkness. No one could see you, talk to you besides a select few of those living paranormal's who don't even give two shits about you. The demon wanted to live again, to feel experience all those emotions again. He's been trying to get close enough to the human so that he could one day, hopefully, take over his body to be partially alive again.

Sakaki was stunned. For all those years, the demon just wanted him for his fleshy, human body. He felt very hurt and betrayed. He told his "friend" what every kid would tell their best friend. Hopes, dreams, all the sad and angry moments in his life.

He glared at the figure before him with both hands clutched into tight fists. He felt his heart darken with anger. The demon only grinned at the humans reaction. That's what he primarily wanted; too feel the others anger and hatred. For him, it made it easier for him to take over the body.


Needless to say, the entity succeeded in possessing the boy's body that night. And it was not a pretty site whats so ever.

Throughout the years, the demons characteristics started showing threw. His eyes shifted to a blood red in color and his canine teeth grew longer and much more sharp. As a result of being a demonic host, large "cracks" could be seem forming on both sides of his neck..slowly and painfully growing over the years. In order to keep then consealed from curious eyes, he had made a brace for his neck to cover the breakage. Till this day he is still very sensitive about showing them. Along with the breakage, the demons powers began leaking threw. Sakaki had quickly learned to control his new water manipulation ability's and his now very inhuman strength.

Always itching for a fight, he learned about martial arts and soon had a very strong passion for it. Being taught by humans, he quickly surpassed them with amazing speed and strength. In less then a year, Sakaki was awarded the Jinlong—jiu duan: Gold Dragon. He was officially allowed to be called "Grand Master". Martial arts greatly helped him through the years with the pain and anger that's been building up inside of him.

With martial arts, he mixed the movements of his water manipulation to create his own "water martial arts~"

For a while, Sakaki wanted to teach people his ways, but humans would never be able to keep up. Hearing about The Midnight Trinity that taught other beings, interested him deeply. He met up with the Headmaster and got accepted in becoming a teacher there.

What lies from there..who knows~

RP Example:
*Siting back and adjusting the spectacles on his face with an pointer finger, red eyes focused intently on the students who passed by him. These will be the people who he'll be training one day. Most seemed so..puny and thin. It almost made him chuckle. The males mouth pulled into a pleased smile as he sat up, dusting away a few flakes of snow from his shoulder. In a way, he was happy with the small stature of a few of these individuals. Those will be his primary target..*

other info:
[Almost want to make him a shark demon..]
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Sakaki Hirano
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