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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Seiji Kiyomizu

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Seiji Kiyomizu

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PostSubject: Seiji Kiyomizu    Seiji Kiyomizu  I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 20, 2013 12:16 am

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Name: Seiji Kiyomizu

Nickname(s): N/A

Age: 26

Orientation: Bi-sexual

Birthday: February 6, 1987

Species: Demon

Element: Darkness/Shadows

Natural Born Abilities:
-Super strength/speed
-Manipulate shadows for strangulation and bloodletting
-Shapeshifting (Beast/Human,etc.)

-A three-spiked trident with retractable blades and handle, used for easily killing species other than human.

Limitation of Weapon(s):
-Only used for close-combat and hand-to-hand

Explanation of Weapon(s):
-The trident is made of pure metal. The handle is a glossy black, while the sharp blades are silver and pointy. The base of the middle spike has strange, archaic markings.

Physical Appearance: Seiji is about six feet two, with a lean build. He has pale skin, and dark hair usually worn short-ish or long. Sometimes, the color changes at will. His eyes are heterochromia, with one being a pure blue, the other blood red. He has fangs that are retractable, though they hardly come out.

General Attitude/Personality: Seiji is cold, calculating and untrustworthy. He is deadly, and will often put on many facades/personalities for his benefit. Everything he does is for his own benefit, whether in the long run, or temporary gratification. When angered, he can become dangerous and irrational. Seiji is intelligent and quick-witted, and only those close to him get to see a softer, more humane side of him. Seiji is a tortured soul.

-His job as an Assassin
-Sex, especially the kink kind
-Red Smokes (O-Z Brand)
-Hiroki Kiyomizu, his caretaker
-Cats, surprisingly
-Izumi, his handler and partner
-Death Metal music
-His Hayabusa motorcycle

-Most everything else...
-Sweets, especially

Bad Habits:
-Chain smoking
-Extreme acts of violence

-To someday take over the Hellfire Demon Clan. He is waiting for Haru to take over so that he can overthrow him. Possibly even kill him, if it comes down to it.


Mother/Father: Serafina Petrova/Ginzou Inoue/Hiroki Kiyomizu (Adopted father)

Siblings: Haru Kiyomizu, Hiro Kiyomizu

History: Seiji was born the product of a forbidden affair between members of the Russian Petrov Clan, and the Japanese Inoue clan. As a result, he was detested by both. Neither clan would claim him as a rightful heir. Many attempts on his life were made, and he has the scars to prove it. His mother, Serafina, was excommunicated from her clan, and she hated Seiji for it. Hardly a day went by that she wasn't beating him or trying to use unconventional methods to kill him. As a child, Seiji learned to accept violence as an everyday, normal part of life. When he spent time with his father and the Inoue clan, his father would teach him to fight, use weapons, and how to unlock his potential powers. However, Ginzou was very stern, harsh and brutal--and many times, Seiji would leave their training sessions bloodied and hurt, sometimes unable to move. He know his father never said it, but he could clearly see the disgust in his eyes. What's more, the Inoue clan treated him like the dirt beneath their heels because of his half-Russian heritage and the fact that he was unusually beautiful and introverted. One night, on the eve of his thirteenth birthday, Seiji was woken from sleep and brutally beaten and dragged to the clan's main antechamber. He was then raped by every male in the clan, while his father watched, telling him that the only way to make it stop was to fight them; kill them. No matter how much Seiji fought, his efforts were futile. After that night, Seiji refused to speak again.

He took on his training with a new fervor and anger, desperate to become strong so he'd never be helpless and weak again. He cut ties with his emotions and personal beliefs, and embraced the violence he'd only tolerated before. At fifteen, Ginzou sent him and a few others on a mission where Seiji killed for the first time. It was a small rival clan, and while the others took out the guards, he murdered the leader and his pregnant wife. He was surprised to feel absolutely no remorse or regret as he stared down at their dead bodies. In fact, killing felt good. He felt years of pent-up anger and hatred being released from his body with every stab. He hadn't looked back since, instead only becoming stronger.

Almost a year would pass before Seiji finally took his parent's lives. He'd tricked them into meeting up with one another, and waiting for an argument to ensue, he blindsided them. After that, he left the clan with nothing but his father's trident--which he still uses today--and the clothes on his back. Living on the streets was hard, as was trying to blend in with humans and trying to control his violent urges. Sometimes, he killed humans who discovered something about him. It was when he was sixteen that he was found by Hiroki Kiyomizu, on Japan's outskirts. Hungry and cold, Seiji had broken into someone's home and stolen food and clothes. However, the man was a demon, though he had no clan backing, living amongst humans. Seiji was too weak to properly fight him off and would've been killed until Hiroki and his people came. He watched as a shiny, silver bullet went through the demon's forehead--narrowly missing his own head--and the demon's entire head exploded, covering Seiji in blood and brain matter. Turns out, the demon had been apart of the Kiyomizu clan, one of the top-brass clans in all of Japan, and he'd stolen from them and left without a word. Hiroki, wanting to be cautious that the boy wasn't a threat, knocked him unconscious and brought him along.

Ever since then, Seiji has been grateful to Hiroki for providing him with a home, a family, and taking him under his wing. He dedicated his life to serving as Hiroki's "trump card", and quickly rose up in ranks. He became so good at killing that he decided to also become a "free agent", to make more money and better use of his time. Max recommended a friend, Izumi, who is a handler/liaison in the demon world and assassination business. Seiji grew close to Izumi, and will take on his deadly requests for kinky sexual favors.

However, still deeply entrenched into the violent lifestyle, his persona has become even more twisted. He's done horrible things, for instance, to his "younger brother", Haru--things he does actually regret. He's aware that he needs psychological help, but the need to be strong and dominant in every aspect of life won't allow for that.

Now, Seiji has heard that Haru has been spending most of his time in Japan--though not at home--at a school called Midnight Trinity. Upon hearing the different species at the school, Seiji was ordered by Hiroki, to not only drag Haru back home, but to infiltrate the school and find the clan-less demons. He wants to expand his own clan by recruiting. Seiji enters Midnight Trinity as a lost, friendly demon with no clue how to use his powers while he does some digging.
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Headmaster Sakano
Headmaster Sakano

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Welcome To The Midnight Trinity~


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Seiji Kiyomizu
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