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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Avery Klein

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Avery klein

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Avery Klein  Nyd6iq

Name: Avery Klein

Nickname(s): Avey [Given by Arlen~]

Age: Twenty

Birthday: October 17th

Species: Human [Soon to be vampire]

Element: None at the moment, but will gain the ability to manipulate Ice/Water once turned.

Natural Born Abilities: [Still thinking of ideas..jndfnffjdgj]

Weapon(s): Fists, and abilities when she is turned.

Limitations of Weapon(s): Fists tend to get easily sore..only good for close range fighting.

Explanation of Weapon: Fist+your face=BAM~

Physical Appearance: Avery is a petite young lady with golden long locks that where blonde and hazel colored eyes. Her chest is usual taped down in order to appear more like a man's figure. Her typical style is anything that is rather baggy, something that hides her girlish figure.
Currently, she is somewhat trying to embrace her figure until she can get a sex change, and is wearing more 'girly' attire such as skirts, dresses even bras. Might as well flaunt what her mama gave her~
There are also some bruises around her breasts from taping them down for a long period of time. Along with various self inflicted wounds on her chest and arms.

General Attitude/Personality: Avery is a typical girl with a huge heart but with a shy personality. She tends to stutter when around new people and cannot directly look up at them in the eyes. She's also very emotional such as crying over silly things and can get overly clingy when someone she really likes.

Likes: Tea, cakes, cuddling, poking fun at Arlen~ Cute clothing. Pink!

Dislikes: Fighting, fish, high heels and her parents.

Bad Habits: Getting overly jealous about little things. Clinging onto people. Stuttering.

Goals: Be more confident in her skin, and simply make a friend or two who will love her no matter what.~

Fears: Being a women forever. Being ditched and abandoned.

Mother/Father: Erik and Nina Klein

Siblings: Younger sister that is roughly at the age of five. Only got to see a glimpse of her sister and does not know her name.

History: Avery was brought up in a wealthy house-hold in Germany. however, as soon as she was born, her parents moved to the states to expand their business.
At the time of age where little girls where supposed to want little baby dolls, barbies and so on, Avery never seen much interest in them. Hell, they even frightened her. Regardless of her protests, she did get a few barbie and baby dolls, but she only hid them in her closet and only took them out when her parents where watching just to please them.

Starting school was terrible for the small human girl. She was forced to wear dresses with her long hair in tight curls and little matching dress shoes. Her mother insisted that she had to be a little barbie doll and be absolutely perfect in every single way possible. She never felt comfortable and wanted nothing more to rip them clothes off and slip into a pair of jeans and a basic, simple shirt like a few of her guy friends.

Hitting the teen years where she was becoming a little more busty with curves, and having mother nature pay a visit, she grew terrified. This shouldn't happen to her.
At a young age, she already knew she was a 'he', and wanted all of these changes to stop. She started taping down her breasts and tried many ways in attempt to stop her chest from growing. She even tried to cut them a few times. But the pain was too much.

In High school, she stopped wearing dresses and 'girly' outfits and started to baggier shirts and pants. This helped her for a while, but on the inside, she still felt trapped.

The sudden change confused a few of her girl and guy friends and they approached her about it. she tried to explain it to them, but while in the act, they only had faces of disgust plastered on them and told her that she was a freak and sick minded.

One of her friends then contacted her mother and father to question them as to why Avery was acting so odd 'all of a sudden.' although she did attempt to give them several hints as to how she was really feeling, even as a small child. But they simply brushed it away like it was all silly talk.

After hearing what Avery had to say, both of the parents blew up on her. The main reason was 'What will others think? you know what this could do to our reputation with our business?' They called her everything in the book and within a few hours, kicked her out of the house.

Avery was at the age of fifteenth when she was kicked out. She couldn't get back into school and none of her friends or any relatives wanted to help her out. She ended up roaming the streets for several years, and lived on the streets, under bridges and so on.
For food, she attempted to steal from small grocery stores and resorted to prostitution.

On the roads, she did meet a few individuals, but in the end, they all ended up ditching her. So now, she has a big fear of being close to someone, and if someone did turn up in her life, she tends to get rather clingy, not wanting them to leave her.

At the age of eighteen, she discovered her inhuman ability while the male who bought her for a few hours tried to hurt her. She got away of course.~

Years passed, she stumbled into Midnight Trinity looking like a little ragamuffin and ran into Arlen who so generously took her under his wing and helped her greatly. She loves the little vampire so much like a brother..but more less like a father figure. <3

RP Example: Avery felt so small in the school so full of different and interesting men and women at the school. And so many good looking ones, too~ Her cheeks heated minutely and she nervously nibbled upon her bottom lip as she slowly made her way to the dorms, to look for her friend, Arlen.~

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Avery Klein
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