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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Apallo S. Venizelos

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Apallo Venizelos

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PostSubject: Apallo S. Venizelos    Apallo S. Venizelos  I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 19, 2013 2:07 pm

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Apallo S. Venizelos


Appears to be in mid-twenties.

November 7th



Natural Born Abilities:
I. Inhuman strength
II. Being able to draw in power from light provided by the sun.

I. Elemental Bow and Arrow

Limitations of Weapon(s):
I. Takes a certain period of time to steady himself before firing.
II. Can only fire one arrow at a time.

Explanation of Weapon:
I.By drawing in the light's energy, he is able to construct a bow to launch out arrows. Though, at the moment, he can only shoot out one at a time at a slow pace.

Physical Appearance:
Apallo is a blessed demon with a perfectly sculpted body from the tip of his head to the bottom of his feet. His skin is of the color and texture of a porcelain doll minus the cherry hued cheeks. The demon has deep blue-silver colored eyes with naturally long top and bottom eyelashes. Apollo's hair is kept semi-short with choppy layers and is parted off to the side which allows his bangs to hide an eye.

His typical outfits include only certain brand names, such as Armani and Dolce & Gabbana.

He may spend a few hours in front of a mirror every day, but never puts on makeup. He dislikes most products, but there are a few that he will use, such as creams to keep his face nice and healthy. And at times, he will use mascara for his eyelashes, but only on rare occasions.

Lastly, the demon is simply in love with nail polish. His nails are always painted black and are slightly long -due to his demon nature, his nails are naturally pointed along with his toe nails.

General Attitude/Personality:
Apallo is regarded as a very kind and warm demon. He has trouble in expressing his feelings which in turn make him seem cold and emotionless. But as times goes by while attending MT, things will seem to slowly get better for him.
He can also be a snob at times when it comes to looks and attire. Having done a few modeling gigs, he developed a little 'attitude' towards others, though he necessarily does not try too.

I. The feel of a hand securing his
II. Art - sculpting
III. Small Gestures such as the brush of a hand against his cheek, or a reassuring pat on the shoulder.
IV. Rainy nights
V. Smoking

I. Being told what to do
II. Cats
III. Hot, humid days
IV. Chipped nail polish
V. Rap music

Bad Habits:
I. Glaring
II. Cracking knuckles
III. Too honest
IV. Being too 'touchy-feeling' when making a bust of someone
V. Spending too much time in front of the mirror

I. To get a better grasp at his abilities.

I. Getting marred anywhere on his body.
II. Having to actually fight for his life.

Mother/Father: [cannot think of a name at the moment..]

Baby brother

Born in a wealthy family in Europe, Apallo had a easy going life from the day he was born and up until present day.

His family taught him the way of the Religion in ancient Greece. He learned to worship the major gods and goddesses such as Zeus, Hades, Athena, Hades and many others.

The demon got his name from the Greek God 'Apallo', the God of light. His parents stated that when he was born, he was their light in their darkness..or something like that. He never liked to listen to their blabbling. They felt the need to name their son after the god soon after.

Growing up, he discovered his ability for taking light and 'molding' it into a bow and arrow. His parents grew excited and had some odd thoughts, saying that their son was the reincarnation of the Greek god. Apallo would always laugh at their statements and would have to smack them in the head once in a while.

At the age of eighteen, he finished school and headed off to college for the Arts. He always had a fascination with sculpting. He could recreate basically anything that he could touch.

Spending most of his time in a studio by himself, his emotions took a dive that made him act more cold towards others. It's not that he even tries to act like that others, he just made himself emotionless from the lack of communication with others.

While in school, he got all sorts of attention from the humans. Both men and women. At first, he adored the attention, getting compliments on his form, clear, porcelain skin and stunning eyes. He always got this kind of attention in high school and as a child, but it felt different now.

He landed several modeling jobs while in school that payed damn well, as well as after he graduated.

All the attention he was getting, he grew more worried about his looks, rather then the more simpler, more important things in life. He started buying more brand named clothes as well as different makeup and creams for his pale skin.

Recently, he told himself that he had to worry about himself and his well-being, rather than his looks and getting attention. He wanted to try to brush up on his natural abilities and anything else that should come that he easily brushed away from when he was in school and such.

RP Example:
His father had an interest with the musical instrument, the bass. It was something akin to a lover. It was like he needed it..lived for it..cried whenever it seemed like it was about to kick the bucket, and felt pain whenever he broke a string on it. And today, his father granted Apallo the 'privilege' to hold the instrument. The demons fingers stroked down it's polished surface as he arranged it on his crossed lap. His other hand worked on the turning knots, not really knowing what else to do with it. He never had an interest of these things. Plucking a few notes, he glanced up at his father who was literally inches away from his face, making sure that his beloved baby would not break."Ever hear of personal space?" He asked as the older man smirked, but reluctantly inched back a few. 'Making sure you don't hurt my baby..he's all I got!' Apallo arched a perfect brow. "What if I where to break." 'Aheh..well. I can easily replace you..' "Honestly?.." 'Yep~'

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Headmaster Sakano
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Apallo S. Venizelos
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