The Midnight Trinity
Welcome to the Realm of The Midnight Trinity.

I am your Illustrious Headmaster, Sakano.

A few things before we get started...

*When you Register, please bear in mind that your log in name is also your roleplaying name. Please make it appropriate. Any other names such as 'D3m0nBoi213' will NOT be accepted.

*Read The Rules BEFORE posting anywhere on the forum page.

- Sincerely yours, Headmaster Sakano

The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Amaro Sakano: Headmaster of The Midnight Trinity

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Headmaster Sakano
Headmaster Sakano

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Amaro Sakano: Headmaster of The Midnight Trinity  13796510

▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ Headmaster Of The Midnight Trinity ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂
••● ●••••● ●••••● ●••••● ●••

Amaro Sakano

Sakano-Sensei, Headmaster, Sensei, Kano-chan, Prince Terrous [Due to his Father. He doesn't like this part of himself or being called it]

Official Title:
Headmaster of The Midnight Trinity/Dark Arts Instructor/Exorcist In Training

Exorcist [in training]

Sexual Orientation:

Marital Status:

Jyostna [wife/deceased], Kana [Daughter], Sorin [Son]


May 20th

Half-Breed. [Half Incubus. Half Angel.]

Fire and Darkness

His Mind [Telekinetic Powers] and The Trinity Crest

Limitations of Weapon(s):
He must have complete concentration when using his power. If his concentration waivers, it could spell disaster for those around him.

The Trinity Crest can only be used once every hundred years, as it severely drains him of his spiritual aura and energy. After which, he needs another hundred years to regain the energy he used. This is no way has any impact on his physical being. After using it, he would appear perfectly fine.

Explanation of Weapon(s):
He can use his telekinetic powers to manipulate inanimate and animate objects. The Trinity Crest has a 'shield design' separated into three sections. Each section of the crest holds a specific power. That power being the aid of his two other 'siblings' One is a full fledged Incubus, wielding the power of darkness. The other, a full fledged Angel, wielding the power of light. When summoned he joins powers with them into a devastatingly strong, otherworldly, power. He only uses the Trinity Crest in times of severe distress.

A replica of The Trinity Crest is also the School's Seal.

Physical Appearance:
Slender, yet athletic build. Pale flesh tone with golden, wavy hair and piercing crimson eyes that appear to be those of a cat. Around his eyes he has red markings. On his hand he wears a red finger 'claw'/ring given to him by his Father. This helps aid his fire powers but is in no means necessary for him to control fire. He has two sets of wings; angelic and demonic. The angelic wings stem from his lower back, and the demon from his shoulder blade area. His demon wings are what do most of the work when he flies.

He has a second form, which he doesn't show very often. In this form he grows the horns,tail and claws of an Incubus yet keeps his Angelic grace and beauty.

General Attitude/Personality:
Appears laid back, a little flirty and very modest. He's on constant watch over the school grounds and his lovely students and keeping things in order. He holds everyone highly in his favor and is generous and caring with everyone he meets. His anger is subtle, however, and his very aura and demeanor changes dramatically; something you can instantly pick up on. When Angered/Excited his eyes tend to glow slightly. He comes off as very flamboyant, is generally very open with all aspects of his life and doesn't hold much shame in regards to anything.

While he is generally a happy person, he does have a darker side that tends to pop up at uncertain times. He can be possessive and exceedingly jealous with those he shows interest in. He also tends to be bluntly honest which can be misconstrued as cruelty. His demonic nature sometimes takes over the lighter side of his soul. A demonic side that desires many partners, destruction and death. Hence, his inability to love.

Sweets, Animals, Showing people around the school grounds/the town, keeping order, long walks [either alone or with someone], sex

Trouble makers, Disorder, The after effects of using The Trinity Crest, the too frequent headaches he gets sometimes due to his abilities, paper work, his father, his inability to love a single person

Bad Habits:  
Not entirely keeping up with modern day technology, coming off as overly flirtatious, falls in and out of 'trances' - he can hear every word you say but wont respond right away, eating too many sweets.

To become more technologically advanced. Getting his father to realize 'no means no' , help his students grow

Not that he'd admit it, but spending his eternal, earth bound life, alone. Not being able to distinguish lust from heartfelt love.

Alera Sakano [Mother/Angel] and Agni Terrous  [Father/Incubus]

Being his Father is what he is...a definite answer can't be given. He does however have two 'siblings' he knows of. There powers/persona's are contained inside The Trinity Crest.

His mother was an earth bound Angel, due to the sins she committed. [fraternizing with human males] She was seduced by Agni, a devious Incubus from the royal blood like of Seveign. However, there relation was not fleeting and actually, he stayed with her until he was born. After that, however, he left, never to be seen again. Alera then raised him and he had a relatively normal a half breed could have. He was tutored privately and received other worldly instruction from masters and teachers of all kinds.

Growing up he realized he wanted to work with children, and give them a place they could freely practice their trade with others like themselves, and out of sight of a condemning, close minded world. Thus, The Midnight Trinity was born. A hidden realm, known only to those who deserve to know of its existence.

Because of the way he created 'The Trinity' he comes off as having great insight and the ability to simply just know things. If a student is hurt, more or less he already knows about it. There's an intruder, more or less he knows about minutes before someone actually gets to him to tell him. Bottom line, he knows when things go down. Though its not a weapon of any sorts, he has the ability to restore anything that is broken or damaged in the realm such as buildings, statues ect because of the control he has over the realm.

Many see him as a father figure, and just about everyone, even those who arent students look up to him with a great deal of respect. He very generous and kind, and wouldn't think twice to give you the shirt off his back.

RP Example:
Entering the large field, he came to a stop. Standing before a massive crowd of new applicants.

"Welcome, Students. Welcome To The Midnight Trinity" he said proudly.

"Consider this your new home, for you are all now in a world that will accept you- a world that will not shun your abilities. A world that praises your unique gifts and talents"

His commanding, yet gentle voice carried across the open field. The faces of his new students, all of different ages and species', brightened at his words, finally feeling they 'belonged. To most of them, this feeling alone was enough to be thankful for.

Gracefully his arms extended outwards, in a welcoming manner.

"Today we embark on this marvelous journey... together"

He is skilled in demon control. Though its a skill he is still developing, he can control demonic entities and is currently in official training, though he wont say with who, to become an authorized exorcist. He has many students plagued by demons, for the better or for the worst and he likes to be prepared.[/color][/center]


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Amaro Sakano: Headmaster of The Midnight Trinity
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