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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Elizabeth Antua Lokette: Music Instructor

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Elizabeth Lokette
Elizabeth Lokette

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PostSubject: Elizabeth Antua Lokette: Music Instructor   Elizabeth Antua Lokette: Music Instructor I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 06, 2013 2:25 am

BIRTH NAME: Elizabeth Antua Lokette (Pronounced "E-liz-eh-beth ann-twa lock-et")
NICKNAME(S): Liz, Lizzy
AGE: 166 years
BIRTHDAY: May 17, 1847
RACE: Vampire
POSITION: Music Instructor
ELEMENT(S): Sound, Electricity
NATURAL BORN ABILITIES: Genius, Regeneration, Vampire Traits (Speed, Strength)
WEAPON(S): Nothing, currently
GENERAL PERSONALITY: Energetic and seductive. She likes to be paid attention to. She loves to sing and model, and generally loves being looked at or listened to. Rarely does anyone see her ulterior motives, but she always has something up her sleeve. She has a quick temper and won't turn down a good fight, though she will practically never fight for herself if she can get away from it.
LIKES: Music, Playing Electric guitar, Playing Electric Keyboard, Singing, Tinkering with her Technology, Modeling, Attention, Hot Girls, Hot Guys, Blood, Painting, Her A.I.s, Vocaloids (Her Synthesis Band), Alcohol
DISLIKES: Being talked down to, Being ignored, Smoking (it screws with her lungs)
BAD HABIT(S): Getting carried away with her music. Losing track of time, Drinking
GOAL(S): Keep up with technology, Make friends with people instead of just androids
FEAR(S): Losing her Voice
MOTHER/FATHER: Angelique Lokette (364 years old, Vampire) and Fredrich Lokette (571 years old, Vampire)
SIBLING(S): Jezzabelle Lokette (94 years old, Vampire)
CHILD(REN): Soleil Amara (>1 year old)
{In The Beginning} Born to an extremely rich and powerful French Lord, Elizabeth had any privilege a girl could ask for. She frequented large, fancy balls, some of which had fellow vampires. but despite privilege, she was being trained to succeed her father in royalty and to increase vampiric control over the simple human lives. Her father had her taught seduction with the intention of catching the eye of a young male vampire and having their two powerful families combine.
{Her First Friend} During the Time where she was taught to try to find a husband, she was pushed towards a specific young man by the name of Arlen Tobias. She took to the boy quite nicely, but never to become his wife. She never sought to be his bride, but allowed her family to think that she was trying to work him over. They even accepted engagement, and maintained the image of being a lovely couple. She attended needed parties with him, and never allowed either her family or his to understand the true nature of their relationship.
{Another One} Elizabeth met another vampire boy not too long after she began 'seeing' Arlen. Caine Alexandrei. He was so strange, occasionally a sweet boy but also one who was cold and cruel. She would never admit her hatred for the latter, and instead would play with the both of them when she got the chance, though it was rare and far between. She knew of Caine's lack of interest for her gender, but that had never bothered her. Instead, she was supportive.
{Leaving Home} As the 'Modern' age came in, she began to grow restless. She had no desire to marry and instead preferred to study the changing times and the new ways of life. She broke off the engagement with Arlen, shocking everyone. She took up music that wasn't traditional and flaunted her body instead of saving herself for the eyes of her husband only. Her father was outraged, but her mother was secretly pleased. Angelique loved to watch her daughter blossom and protected the girl from punishment.
{Her True Self} Elizabeth learned that she loved the changes in the world far more than the old-fashioned ways of being a vampire. She learned every instrument she could, studied new technologies, and really flourished as the world changed drastically. She traveled to Japan, learning more complicated forms of technology, new ways of music. She loves the sound of electricity coursing through wires, the fun sounds of techno and synthesizers, and the general world of new technology.
{First Marriage} Her world was turned upside down when she met a young woman she worked with. The young woman was named Annabella, and she fell head-over-heels in love. Despite the woman being a human, she decided to finally settle down and getting married. However, it was not to last. Sadly, Anna as hit by a car, and she died. It devastated Elizabeth, and she gave up on any real relationship for a long period of time.
{Since Midnight Trinity} She had started at Midnight Trinity to further her education, and make actual friends again. She reunited with some old friends, and has made some new ones. She was dissatisfied with classes, since they didn’t challenge her, and upon discovering the school had no Music teacher, she requested the job. She was absent for a time, due to an unexpected pregnancy, and keeping the child nearly cost her life. However, she has survived the ordeal and gave birth to her son in June of 2013.
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Elizabeth Antua Lokette: Music Instructor
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