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 Traydis Massari

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PostSubject: Traydis Massari   Traydis Massari I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 25, 2013 11:10 pm

Traydis Massari Prince_of_Naga_by_saryth
(Picture made by Saryth on Deviantart)

Name: Traydis Massari

Nickname(s) Tray

Age 155

Birthday, (11/08/1858)

Species: Naga (Snake-Human)

Orientation: Gay

Element: Darkness, Fire

Natural born abilities: Enhanced Perception (Tongue/Tail), Poison

Weapons: Fangs, Dual Scimitars

Limitations: Must be up close to fight, Prideful / Selfish.

Explanation of Weapon: Obsidian black blades with golden edge, both swords are often coated in a very fine layer of Traydis’ personal poison.

Physical appearance: A handsome naga with black scales, when his hood is stretched out there are golden marks lining the inside.

He can shift from his naga form into a more humanesque state when necessary, when in his form he had jet black hair and a small tattoo that travels down the side of his face.
Build: Tall and slender, towering over others at 6’9 when stretching. He has a shapely set of abs that blend into his scales.

Hair length/color, eye color: Hairless, Golden eyes

Short black hair when in human form.

General attitude/personality: Often a bit prideful and vain, his father having bred him to consider himself higher on the food chain than the other creatures.

Likes: Nagas, sand, mice, sword fighting, males, objects that appear valuable.

Dislikes: Weaklings, lower beings, birds, tricksters, and cold.

Bad habits: Tends to hiss unconsciously while thinking. Will look down upon others, often referring to them in a derogatory manner. Is prone to fly into a rage when he’s compared to his cousin, a prince.

Goals: To tame the darkness that has a grasp on his heart, and to show his people that he is able to be a respected member of the monarchy.

Fears: To lose his family. To be corrupted as other black nagas have in the past.

Mother/Father: Eirine Massari: His mother is a naga priestess, not high in the church of the nagas, but is well known as a healer.

Harashi Massari: The current king’s younger brother, brushed aside in the royal heritage due to his younger age. Known across the world as one of the greatest dual blade swordsmen.

Siblings: Hecius Massari: His older brother, also with black scales, who fell into corruption, currently missing though presumed to be working alongside dark and probably cruel forces.

Meri Massari: His younger sister with emerald scales, still quite young and living with her family.

History: Traydis was born in the same pyramid that every other member of his family had been born on his paternal side. Instead of being born with emerald green scales as members of the royal lineage usually do, he was cursed with the same black scales as his older brother was born with.

The black scales went back to ancient times, where a dark sorcerer cast a spell on one of his ancestors, altering their green scales into black and making them easily more corruptible in soul and in mind. The fact that his scales were black didn’t make him inherently bad, but it increased the likelihood of him being tempted by power and cruel ways. His brother before him already having been born with black scales, his family was not pleased and cried in despair at the thought of their lineage dying off.

For one hundred and fifty years, Traydis was raised as pure as he could. Often spending time with his cousin, the prince, they would spend time under the supervision of the king’s guard. Traydis and his cousin could easily slip away though; with Traydis being able to use a little dark magic he was able to shade the two from the view of the guards. They would often explore the kingdom, meeting with the subjects of the king. In the kingdom, Traydis realize that he found himself interested in many of the male Nagas where his cousin only expressed interest in the females.

When the young Naga explained to his mother, she became angry and told him to never speak of it again, saying that giving into such urges would surely increase the darkness’ hold over him. For years, he forced himself into relationships with females, whether royalty or subordinates, in attempt to please his mother. But never could he truly fall in love with any of them, and for a long time he thought his life would be the same repetitive bore as he had experienced for years of living with strict regulations.

That was until he found an article speaking of an academy, an academy that could possibly lead to him being able to explore the world and express who he really was while learning about the technology that had been developed outside of their sheltered domain. So he explained to his parents that he needed to leave, to learn about the world outside of their home. They agreed, with the sole requirement that he must learn the blades before doing so. So for two years before leaving, Traydis practiced with blades left behind by his older brother. He learned to use them as well as many of the high guard, though often slicing through important palace artifacts.

The darkness was always hanging around the naga; his prudent mother often swore that she saw he was being swallowed by the old curse, but Traydis soon became bored of it, and at the time of his 155th birthday, the naga left from home, now believing himself a potent enough blade user to be allowed out. The idea of being better than any non-royal blooded was hung strong in his head, his family greatly encouraging his position.

The day that he left, his mother cried out in horror as she watched her second child wander into a maw of darkness, unable to see where his path would take him. Unbeknownst to the many horrors the world had held and developed in their time in hiding.

Role Play Example: Traydis brushed off the dirt, his sword buried in the ground. His tongue flicked out in annoyance, “You know, you really should be more polite to others.” His eyes flashed a dangerous amber color, “You should know better than to play with fire…” His hand whipped out and took his sword in hand and whipped across the ground towards his opponent, not giving the enemy another chance to attack.

His sword dragged across the surface of the armor, the Naga’s venom proving too much for the padding. Burning an easy line through the cheap leather, Traydis slid to a stop and drew his sword back before impaling it through the hole in the armor. A gasp of pain escaped from the visor, “Now, why don’t you take a nap?” Traydis hissed as the body slumped to the ground.

List of desired classes:

Theatre - Elizabeth Lockette
Trinity sports hall
Dark arts

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Traydis Massari
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