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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Osiris Bishara

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Osiris Bishara 2ptv6u0
[Please excuse the sexual content of the's the only one I could find as a near-exact play by.]

Osiris Bishara
[ ]


over three hundred, exact age unknown

January 1

Half demon half human


Natural Born Abilities:
Necromancy, demon sword form

Sickle sword [khopesh]

Limitations of Weapon(s):
Very old, rustic, even and is only good for close range fights.

Explanation of Weapon:
24 inches in length, the blade was designed for hooking an opponent's shield or disarming them in battle. The blade is only sharpened on the outside portion of the curved end.

Though he never uses it in modern day and age, he still tends to carry it around at times.

Physical Appearance:
Being of [adoptive] noble stature, he would be seen wearing clothing that are much adorned than usual but still wore the traditional Egyptian clothing at times. His choice of clothing colors, however, remain dark, along with the jewelry. Mostly a dark red -crimson, even-, black, white and at times, yellow.

His hair is black as night that surpasses his neck. He keeps the mane slicked back.  

Eyes are a dark brown in hue and are narrow.

Both ears are pierced, along with his eyebrow now a days

He is of tanned skin by birth with a toned, yet long, muscular type frame.

General Attitude/Personality:
✤ Obedient
✤ Silent
✤ Loyal
✤ Steadfast
✤ Shy
✤ Lonely

✤ Tea
✤ Quietness
✤ darkness
✤ chess
✤ lemonade~
✤ vultures

✤ Light
✤ Sour things
✤ Overly talkative people
✤ Laziness
✤ cats
✤ loudness

Bad Habits:
✤ Pushing others away
✤ glaring too much
✤ Not talking at all
✤ Only speaking in his native tongue

✤ To find another master

✤ Displeasing the one who matters the most to him

✤ Birth Mother - Human - No longer alive
✤ Biological Father - Demon - Activity unknown
✤ Adoptive Mother - Human - NLA
✤ Adoptive Father - Human - NLA

✤ Adoptive Brother/lover

Osiris was born in the Egyptian era to a low class peasant women, who happened to be a human. His father, however, was a demon. Osiris inquired about the man who impregnated the woman, but was refused an single answer.

Living with his mother and her parents, who were farmers, their live-stock was doing poorly since the child came along. Blaming the bad omen on the little half breed child who tried his best to take care of the animals was switched to having the responsibility to scare away sparrows and pigeons from the field, which proved to be a wise choice.

When tired of scouting the area, cornflowers, poppies and mayweeds were all familiar garland flowers around the area, and he would pick them into a lovely bouquet and present them to his mother, just to see an occasional smile on her hard working face.

Over a few years, the half-beings blood coursed throughout his body more prominently and made more of the back aching tasks a lot more easier on his family.

The family worked hard day and night to make sure their crops and animals stays healthy and intact, but were still not making enough money by the time the tax-collectors came around.

The half breeds family had missed several payments in the past, and in return where beat severely with long term effects on their bodies..such as soreness, infections, etc.

When the collectors came with the family's promise with the exact amount, plus a small late fee when they would come again, but When they came and were not greeted with their payment in full once again, this angered them all.

Forcing his mother, and the rest of the family to be tied up, besides the child for being underaged, they were brutally flogged..and eventually were killed, as payment.

As a result, the child was brought into slavery for a little over ten years. Over the years of being bought and sold multiple times, he had learnt to be loyal to any master no matter how cruel or sadistic they were.

At the age of eighteen and slowly leaning about his ability, along with his fighting skills and being able to withstand several beatings, his lack of retaliation was less than pleasing to his master.

He eventually caught the eye of an older King and his Wife, along with their son and was bought off to serve as a guard of sorts.

Life was good while serving the beatings, no being talked down too, the whole works. He was determined to please him his king and queen no matter the costs in order to pay them back for their kindness. The son had shown some interest, but would never go forth to talk to him in public for not wanting to tarnish his status.

One day, an invasion came about on their kingdom and many of the guards were slayed. With his khopesh in hand, he vowed to take down anyone who may harm his masters; which he did.

Seeing no sign of his masters, he sought out to go locate them and protect them from harms way. Eventually finding them in their room, behind held hostage, the anger grew in his eyes as he lunged at the attackers.

Needless to say, he got scraped, cut, had severe gashes on his body and was bleeding profusely, but had slayed those who go against his king and queen.  

Grateful for his hard work and saving their lives, they offered to set him free, to be a free man. He was awfully confused by this. What would he do in the outside world? He certainly did not want to become a farmer like his previous family, nor did he have any talent for being an artist, or working on scribes. And working as a soldier was a big 'hello no". He enjoyed staying around his masters and doing their bidding.

The king must of known what was on the half breeds mind, and with a grin on his lips, asked if he wanted to be apart of their family.

Although a part of their royal family now, he continued acting like a guard.

Years passed and with age, humans regularly died. The king was no longer and his wife passed away a few months later from ill health. This led to the first born son to raise up and become king. Osiris was happy for his brother and supported him through thick and thin.

Now somewhat..alone in their house, besides the servants who did not dare bother them when told, the two started to secretly see each other.

Always being eager to please, he was always the bottom in the relationship, but occasionally would take control when asked.

When the brother was busy, Osiris would spend his time perfecting his abilities on the outskirts of town. He figured out he could not fully harness his ability without someone by his side.

With demon blood in his system, it drastically slowed his aging process. His lover and brother was getting much older and was frequently ill.

On his deathbed, he held his brother like requested until he took his final breath on this earth. He vowed to look over his people until someone else would take over as king.

✤Modern time✤

Still staying around Egypt, but with a more modernized appearance to himself, he continued perfecting his abilities and eventually found a worthy partner with the same ability as him and served him as a weapon for several decades.  Years pass and of course..eventually his partner passed on.

As of lately, he has not been searching for a partner, in fear of that certain someone dying before his eyes again. He was a lonely half-ling. =w=

Traveling out of his comfort zone and carrying with him old relics of his kingdom, he learned of The Midnight Trinity after spotting a not so obvious human late at night.

Taking interest of the place, he decided to check it out and maybe learn more about his abilities, along with the various species that roam the earth.~

RP Example:
The feather-soft, black locks flew back as his head jerked up towards the ceiling roughly; the blood gushing from his split lip splatter on his cheek as the wound closed almost immediately, leaving no trace of the abuse. He glanced over at the standing figure beside him, who had a look of displeasure written on his features.

'Not fast enough, Osiris.'

His gaze had lowered at the others words as he raised an arm above his head, blocking the suns violent rays.

"I'll do better..give me a moment to rest."


Is meant to be paired up with someone with the same ability as him to make the Necromancy more powerful. He still can be paired with with someone with no ability, but will simply be a little weaker.

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Welcome To Midnight Trinity~


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Osiris Bishara
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