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The Midnight Trinity

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 Kamila Lau Keating

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PostSubject: Kamila Lau Keating   Kamila Lau Keating I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 04, 2013 5:42 am

Picture: Kamila Lau Keating Miyamae.Tomoka.240.150189(courtesy of the Visual Novel “Suiheisen made Nan Mile? - Deep Blue Sky & Pure White Wings –” by Ahbar)
Name: Kamila Lau Keating
Nickname(s): Kami (k-ah-me), Mila (my-luh) (Preferred)
Age: 199
Birthday: June 25, 1814 (25/06/1814)
Species: Kitsune
Element: Earth, Light
Natural born abilities: Shape-shifting, Clairvoyance
  • Ruger LCR-22-LG with Crimson Trace Lasergrip1, concealed within a TK LCR inside the waist band holster2.
  • Great sword with fluked ricasso3, guards for both grip and fluke, and minor magical enhancements.

  • The Ruger features low capabilities against properly armoured targets and is unreliable at long ranges.
  • The great sword sacrifices speed for strength, and can sacrifice strength for aim; the sword’s larger size prohibits effective use during grapples and within tight spaces.

Special Weapon Details:
  • The Ruger sports a simple, matted black paint coat with a dark orange trim along the trigger and the base of the pommel. The barrel features the image of a red fox running whose image transitions in a loop by the position of the barrel, seemingly animate when the cylinder is rotated. Stored in a concealed location, it is almost always equipped and was obtained for defensive purposes.
  • The great sword features a simple black handle with a minor weight added to the pommel, a glimmering emerald is inlaid within both sides of the pommel and bright orange sapphires at both edges of the guard. A fluke is located just beyond the hilt’s guard with a small guard of its own to provide a location to grip that eases aiming when performing stabs, finer movements, and the like. The blade features a faded runic inscription that also doubles as a minor weight reducer. The handle courses with a minor enchantment to ensure the handle is always within a comfortable temperature range, though the blade and fluke are able to fluctuate within the standard spectrum, only slightly exceeding the standard maximums that a weapon of its type would be able to withstand before easily shattering from being brittle or melting. The entire weapon’s durability is magically enhanced to resist damage and markings from some of the strongest of collisions and magical spells, though the same impacts or even splash damage is not lessened for any who wield it and it does not ease the burden of having to block such blows.

Physical appearance
Build: Slender, slightly muscular, effeminate build
Hair/eye colour: Pinkish Red hair, Orange eyes.
Birthmarks: When shifted into any form with fur and a tail, always has a patch of white beneath the left foremost paw and along the rear segment of underbelly. Tail features an asymmetrical spiral which extends to the underside of the tail's base, attaching to the stomach marking.
Tattoos: Deep green 672 on the interior left ankle located slightly below the bone nub (with the strikethrough of the numbers), Dragonfly4 on the left midriff, Star pattern5 between hips, lower gut, and groin.
Piercings: Navel6, two per ear7 Gem and Stud9, right eyebrow10, tongue11.
Distinct Attire: Always wears necklace in the shape of an ankh with a moonstone inlay within the centre12.

Mentality and Personality
General attitude/personality: Generally a chipper individual, respectful of whom is viewed as worthy of such, and can become shy when uncertain of a situation.
Likes: Chocolate, cuddling, earthy tones, exercising, fruits (most), hugging, jewels, nature, waffles, and warm colours.
Dislikes: Animal testing (live, non-consensual), grapefruits, her biological parents, lightning, pancakes, scalpels, small moustaches, and syringes.
Bad habits: Cares little for staying still for long periods of time, cooks excessive amounts of food per person, experiments with most meals, extensive real-life playing of fruit ninja, overly touchy, plays with her food, talks excessively when nervous.
Goals: Live to see a day when mass prejudice is practically non-existent and biological testing involves no living subjects. If she can help make it so, that is even better. When interacting formally she seeks to be wise and graceful, desiring honour and respect as a future figurehead. She wants a safe place to live and better herself both physically and mentally, all while trying to make those around her have a brighter day.
Fears: Asthenophobia (fear of weakness/fainting), Claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces), Cleithrophobia (fear of being stuck), Pnigerophobia (fear of choking/smothering).

Father: Elmer Snyder Keating. Deceased. 12/07/1778 – 25/08/1819 (41) – Succumbed to infection of injuries gained during the Peterloo Massacre.
Mother: Regina Mitchell Stokes. Deceased. 01/20/1783 – 05/11/1833 (50) – Body lost at sea off the coast of Newfoundland.
Real Mother: Unknown Kitsune.
Siblings: Unknown.
History (Click me!):
Role Play Example:
Inside a somewhat large park just outside of town, atop a small bench suitable for two, a young woman sat in somewhat modest attire, the gentle breeze blowing the locks of her ample red hair behind her. Laying her hands lightly atop her skirt, Kamila took a refreshing breath of the warm summer air as she listened to the soft chirping of birds in the nearby trees and the light pitter-patter of the footsteps of a mother passing by with her child, smiling at the pair of them and then waving them off after a brief conversation. The sun was still well up; though it was clear the day was coming to an end.

List of desired classes
    • Music Instruction: Intermediate
      • (An advanced class on learning an instrument. - Piano and Violin.)

    • Introductory Defence and Offense
      • (Basic Spell Defence and Offense Attacks.)

    • Introduction to Potions
      • (A class geared to learn about the different elements and uses of potions. You will not learn to make them in this class, merely what goes into specific ones.)

    • Introduction: Mythology
      • (A Beginner Class on Mythical Creatures and Times)

1 Kamila Lau Keating 54512 Kamila Lau Keating 50097_L(1)
3 Kamila Lau Keating CS88WGS
4 Kamila Lau Keating Dragonfly_tattoo_1645 Kamila Lau Keating 9
6 Kamila Lau Keating Navel-piercing-aftercare7 Kamila Lau Keating Navel_Curve_As_Earring(Demonstration of slots, not the actual everyday earrings)
8 Kamila Lau Keating IH2343-3-stone-drop-earrings-gold-diamond-round-emerald.19 Kamila Lau Keating P559_oval_emerald_gold_gemstone_earrings_1_large
10 Kamila Lau Keating Shutterstock_7180261 11 Kamila Lau Keating 331476-original1-35sdc
12 Kamila Lau Keating CEankhms

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Headmaster Sakano
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Kamila Lau Keating
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