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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Fujikage Satoshi

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Fujikage Satoshi

Fujikage Satoshi

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PostSubject: Fujikage Satoshi   Fujikage Satoshi I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 21, 2013 6:54 pm

Fujikage Satoshi Tumblr10

Name: Fujikage Satoshi

Nickname(s): Sato-kun (only by his brother or mother)

Age: 27

Birthday: October 12, 1986

Zodiac: Libra

Species: Advanced Human (Human infused with cells of supernaturals, particularly demons)

Element: Ice

Natural Born Abilities: His abilities aren't natural born, however, because of the Infusion Process he has enhanced senses; the power to form and mold ice and attack with it (looks like blue aura); rapid healing capability (depending on severity of wound); slower physical aging process; can use his aura as a force field to get to higher places or act as a protection barrier.

Weapon(s): Saber sword which he can wrap his ice aura around; Hand-to-hand combat; Swordsmanship

Limitation(s) of Weapon: Reach

Description of Weapon: His Saber is 88 cm long. The handle is golden-covered with blue streak at the tip. It is adorned with a sphere that emits green light when unsheathed. The sheathe is dark blue and contains several golden straps over it. The sword's name is Justice.

Physical Appearance: Satoshi is six-feet-two, with a lean muscled build and pale skin. He has short dark hair, and violet eyes. His eyes used to be gray before the Infusion Process. He isn't fond of the vision changes, and so he wears frameless glasses to regulate his eyesight.

General Attitude/Personality: Satoshi is sophisticated, composed and highly observant. He tends to look for the peaceful, more reasonable solution in any situation. He is generally diplomatic, graceful and laidback. However, on the job, he is cautious and demonstrates what a stern, strong leader he is.

  • Expensive wines and Sake

  • Marlboro cigarettes

  • Saunas

  • Puzzles, or anything that challenges his mental capacity

  • Japanese sweets

  • Cleanliness/Order

  • Drinking parties

  • Playing the piano

  • Travel (Specifically in England, or certain parts of Europe)

  • Chaos

  • Disorder

  • Too much downtime

  • Vulgar types

  • Unnecessary violence

  • Stress

  • Peace

  • Justice

  • Living in a world filled with hate, chaos and blood.

  • Fujikage Nobuo

  • Fujikage (Rie) Megumi

  • Fujikage Shoji; 21 years old


Satoshi was born and raised in Tokyo, heir to his father's wealthy conglomerate, the Fujikage Group. The Fujikage Group--owned by Nobuo--has multiple businesses in Health, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, and even dab in hotel resorts. Being the oldest and apparent heir to the fortune, Satoshi had a very strict upbringing. He was homeschooled, his education far more advanced than regular school teachings. Not only that, but he was schooled on many other things, such as etiquette, Fencing, Martial Arts, Piano and other musical instruments, etc. He wasn't allowed to interact much with children his own age. He always had to bear a proper, regal appearance and attitude, and be able to effectively join conversations about politics, economics, and the like.

Satoshi was very intelligent. He finished high school courses at the age of twelve, and received a Master's degree in Economics at Tokyo University at the age of eighteen. During his time at University, Satoshi briefly studied abroad in England and fell in love with the country--which represented brief freedom from his father's watchful eye and oppressive, stern tactics. He was sixteen when he met his first lover, a foreigner. The relationship did not last after he returned to Japan.

After receiving his Master's, Satoshi was not interested in taking over his father's company. Instead, he joined the police force, something he'd always dreamed of doing given his strong sense of fairness and justice. His mother, Megumi, persuaded Nobuo to allow Satoshi to do as he please. If he wants to take over the company later in life, he would, is what she told him. Nobuo humored him.

Satoshi was twenty-one years old, three years on the force, when he responded to a distress call and came face-to-face with a shapeshifting demon. He never thought demons existed. Despite being outmatched and over-powered, Satoshi fought--using his cunning and intelligent strategic planning to kill it. However, he didn't come out unscathed. In fact, he was injured badly enough that he was comatose for almost a month.

When he woke up in the hospital, Satoshi was introduced to a man claiming to be a government agent from an unknown organization called the Preternatural Law Enforcement Agency, or PLEA for short. The man--whom was handling Satoshi's case--was fascinated by Satoshi's mental and physical capabilities. After giving Satoshi a brief description of the agency, he told him the agency needed him. Satoshi didn't hesitate to join, as he was fascinated by the idea of other creatures other than human walking the Earth alongside them.

Satoshi underwent the rigorous, paramilitary training and aced everything with flying colors. Shortly after being inducted into PLEA, he had to go through a process called Infusion, where preternatural cells were temporarily fused within his DNA, given him heightened senses, strength, speed and capabilities. The first shot's side effects messed up his eyes, not only changing the color, but his normal vision was reduced to something akin to a binocular or camera lens. He wears glasses to regulate it. Satoshi--as well as the others--have to routinely be Infused every few months or so, as the preternatural cells start to break down upon entering a weaker form. Satoshi works with the Research Lab Unit to come up with a permanent solution. So far, they are making only small strides in progress.

Ever since joining, Satoshi has worked his way up the chain of command, being meritorously promoted to Captain of Division 2. Needless to say, his father and mother are proud. He also helped get his awkward younger brother into PLEA as well, and made him his third-in-command.


An unfortunate incident brought PLEA's Division 2 to Midnight Trinity. A student was brutally murdered by humans after he was discovered of being a preternatural. Not only that, but retaliatory action had been taken. Satoshi and Division 2 have been sent in to investigate the case, but to also keep an eye on the school's inhabitants before a battle between humans and preternaturals breaks out into an all-out war. Satoshi is working hard to keep any instances out of the news and media outlets.

Satoshi had a relationship with Renji "Ren" Kimura, his arch-nemesis, and the criminal who evaded his every attempt. However, Ren is dead. Though they were lovers in the sense, Ren died before Satoshi could tell him how he really felt.
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Headmaster Sakano
Headmaster Sakano

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Fujikage Satoshi
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