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 Kisaragi, The Nekomata

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PostSubject: Kisaragi, The Nekomata    Kisaragi, The Nekomata   I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 26, 2014 11:16 pm

Kisaragi, The Nekomata   2nbapsm
Name: Kisaragi Seta [Seta was the name of the Family who adopted him as a cat]

Nickname(s): Kit and/or Seta [some of his past tamers have called him this]

Age: Unknown. Appears 12.

Birthday: Fedual Japan Era. No date specific.

Species: Demon [Specifcally a cat demon; Nekomata.]

Element: Fire

Weapon(s): Tsukumogami

Limitations of Weapon(s): He draws on the power of his own spiritual energy to conjure up the Tsukumogami's potential, thus after use, he becomes very tired and sleeps for days afterwards. This being so, he doesn't use it very often and prefers to use his own hand-to-hand combat skills.

Explanation of Weapon: The Tsukumogami is a strand of pearl beads he wears at all times. Each bead holds a Yūrei [american equivalent to a ghost] or a Yōkai [demon] He says a prayer to unleash one, or multiple's at an enemy. The Yōkai or Yūrei posess their own abilities which vary from posession, to constriction/paralysis, or other various techniques. When using the Tsukumogami his eyes become bright purple, and the whites of his eyes go black.

Physical Appearance: Average height and build, though a little on the lanky side. He has white, long shaggy/spikey hair that hangs in his eyes. He has eyes that appear to be white and glazed over and 'ghostly', giving people the impression he's blind. But to "blend" in more, at times his eyes would appear purple. His iris is that of a cat, naturally. He has two forms. One where he appears human, in order to blend with society, and the other is more natural demon form, where he still keeps a relatively human appearance but has cat like features; ears, tail, claws and fangs. He wears a somewhat modern-day looking kimono-top with black jeans, boots and his prayer beads that he wears as a chain around his waist and it hangs down at his side. In his full cat-demon form, he has markings that appear from his cheeks down to his wrists. He is followed around by 'spirit fire'. There is a marking on his palm, a marking that will copy to his new tamer's palm, when he should find one. Sharing this mark would mean Kisaragi would serve the new Tamer, and in times of need, fight for him or her.

General Attitude/Personality: He doesn't take things very seriously, and has a child-like mentality. He's much rather sleep all day then do any type of work. The only thing he does take seriously is his martial-arts training and battles. He likes to cause mischief and go around spooking unsuspecting victims.

Likes: Haunting houses, scaring people for fun, generally causing trouble, fighting, being useful

Dislikes: Water, being annoyed, Failing at something, Humans

Bad Habits: Not taking things seriously

Goals: To find a new Tamer, as that is the only way for him to rid himself of the seals, binding his true power.

Fears: Exorcists, Being told he's useless



History: Kisaragi was a house cat in Japan. He was a stray who was taken in off the streets by a young child.
After many years of love and companionship, he passed away peacefully in the arms of the same little boy, now and adult, who took him in. The boy had a small funeral for him, at the foot of a sacred pillar. A few days passed, and Kisaragi was 'reborn' into the form of a cat-demon, a Nekomata. Though he wasn't the same as he had been before. He returned home and haunted the house, with no ill intent, where he died for many years, and through many generations. His spirit was expelled through an exorcism, when new owners, from America brought the house and the surrounding land and reconstructed the entire thing.

After years of wandering aimlessly, he was captured by demon tamers, who encased his wrists in a seal to prevent him from using his powers. Over time he was broken in and he, and others like him, were used to aide humans in spiritual battles as 'Fighter Vessels'. Kisaragi became very powerful, his true potential was only unleashed if the cuffs were removed by his owner at the time. Over time, he began detesting the cruel manner in which the humans treated him and sought out ways to break the seals himself. Much to his dissmay, there is no way for him to remove the seals himself. Only at the hands of a new Tamer may the seals be released.

Other: His natural abilities include posession and shapeshifting.
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Headmaster Sakano
Headmaster Sakano

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PostSubject: Re: Kisaragi, The Nekomata    Kisaragi, The Nekomata   I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2014 12:06 am


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Kisaragi, The Nekomata
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