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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Zayle Serrano

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Zayle Serrano.

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[picture will come soon!]


Zayle Serrano


None, but open to anything.


Mid twenties


April 9th 18xx


Dragon [water]


His element is purely water.

Natural Born Abilities:

Being able to breath freely underwater, along with agile swimming abilities.


Water, for his does not carry any other weapon.

Limitations of Weapon(s):

Must be near or by a large body of water, also, only really effective for long range battles. With the size of his weapon, there is a possibility that it could loose shape, and not be as effective.

Explanation of Weapon:

Extracting water from his own body, or by preexisting water, Zayle is able to form two great arms of water. The water hands mimic the dragons, serving defensive, offensive or supplementary purposes.

Physical Appearance:

[Still thinking of a play-by character, so I will not be as descriptive for this part.]

A well built man that appears to be in his mid twenties.  [cont. later...]

With his general background in the army, and navy SEALS, his skin is permanently adorned with healed cut and slashes, along with various other battle scars.

General Attitude/Personality:

Zayle can be compared to the rain. He can be calm, silent and soothing, just as the early summer rain. Appearances are deceiving in his case - he looks like a careless, detached person with no emotion. The truth is, this mask hides a rather passionate person who is caring for his friends and crew, and will do everything he can to aid his comrades.Though he will not do immoral or otherwise actions, he firmly believes in diplomacy and negotiations, and will try to solve a problem without violence. However, if the situation cannot be solved by diplomacy, he is not afraid to solve it via power - showing no restraints, going into any depths to exterminate his foes.

He is a very positive man, who always in the best that there is in a person, making his best efforts to find the good in others. He will always do his best to help the ones in need, and treats those serving under him with respect he sees they deserve.


Sailing through the calm and wild seas.
Relaxing on the beach
Training/ improving his skills as a water dragon.


Hot or humid places.
Disrespect to himself, or others around him

Bad Habits:

Has the horrible habit of glaring and almost emanating a low "growl" at certain individuals who annoy him, or not doing what they where told to do.


None at the moment.


Seeing fellow comrades harmed and or murdered.


Not important.


Considers all his old crew members his brothers and sisters.


Discovering his abilities at a young age, and being a natural born leader with a calm and rational mindset, the boy knew what he wanted to do in his life. At the ripe-full age of eighteen, He enlisted in the army. Training was long and difficult, but truly enjoyed every aspect of preparing for his future.  With at least four and a half years in active military experience and secretly working on his water abilities, Zayle decided to try out for the SEALS, which proved to be a very long process.. Two and a half years worth of training body and mind, the male was put on a eighteenth month probationary period to train with official SEALs . Proving his worth, along with several other steps, He would finally became an official active member of a SEAL team.

Over the years, he climbed up the ranks to the title of Captain.

Within the last two years, Zayle had retired from active duty to live more of a relaxed life..until hearing by mouth about a peculiar school for other inhuman beings..[sorry, I kin of rushed this..hehe. Got to love it when your hands start to cramp and your creative juices stop flowing!]

extra: Was once engaged to a women who happened to be on the same squad as him. But was sadly killed in duty when Zayle was Captain.

RP Example:

Sitting quietly at the almost empty bar, staring at the froth atop the glass. He was in no mood to drink tonight. As he closed his eyes and sighed, he turned his hand and uncurled his fingers, revealing an old, rusted silver ring resting on his palm. Desolate eyes upon them for what seemed like eternity as his mind reeled into lamentation.  The male was entrenched in his thoughts that he had not noticed the familiar face approach him.  "Hey man, whats up?" He turned around and forced a half smile at the old friend as he slid the ring into his pocket. He shook his head slightly as if to say everything was alright.


Once in water for a long period of time, his scales start to appear in various areas on his body.
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Zayle Serrano
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