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 Yukima Yomata

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PostSubject: Yukima Yomata   Yukima Yomata I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 05, 2010 8:05 pm

Yukima Yomata BLUEST~2
(please note that the picture shown above is not mine, all rights go to its owner whoever that may be and that the picture shown above is shirtless...Yuki DOES NOT go without a shirt)

Name: Yukima Yomata

Nickname(s): Yuki-san, Yuki, Yuyu, Yuyo, Yoyo (this one irritates hir), Yukitty

Age: 16

Birthday: 10-31-1993

Species: Hybred

Sub-Species: Chakat

Gender: Herm

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (fem pref)

Element: Earth

Weapon(s): Twin Kitana, Bo-staff (with hidden blades at each end)

Limitations of Weapon(s): hir small stature makes it hard to work with these weapons for extended periods of time.

Explanation of Weapon: the blades of hir twin Kitanas have dragons itched into them, one colored black the other white, representing Yin and Yang, her Bo-staff is made of hardend cherry blossem tree wood and is stained with the blood of her forfathers in hopes that it will bring hir good furtune in all that shi does.

Physical Appearance: Even being at a young age shi stands rather tall, shi stands at a good 6 feet 7 inchs, and a whopping 10 feet when reared up on hir hind legs, shi wears only a 'sailor' school uniform top for the rest of hir body needs no clothing and can wear no clothing, hir body is covered in a soft white fur spotted with black

General Attitude/Personality: Yuki is very easy to piss off if you intentionally try but shi's rather easy to get along will once you can get hir to open up, on the battlefeild shi is a ferice opponite but anywhere else shi's a shy 16 year old girl yet hir tail sometimes gets hir into embarrassing possitions.

Likes: girls, anime, manga, music and being treated right with love and respect

Dislikes: being treated bad, bad losers, bad winners and the fact that guys seem to flock all over hir

Bad Habits: hir temper when shi looses it can get hir into deep trouble

Goals: become the best fighter in the school, fall in love with that special girl or guy <3

Fears: being alone...being teased..becoming someone elses slave or pet..

Mother/Father: both dead

Siblings: none

History: Shi lived in Japan all hir life untill hir parents died of a strange illness, soon after hir parents died when shi was only ten shi came to america to live with her grandfather who tought hir how to fight, now shi is one of hir grandfathers best pupils and hopes to one day prove to the world that Chakats can be great too

RP Example: With hopefull spirits Yuki soon arrived at the college, shi looked around slowly as shi walked slowly towards the school, hir Bo-staff in one hand, hir Twin Kitanas on hir back, shi glanced around at all the other students and blushed lightly before heading in towards the main doors.

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Headmaster Sakano
Headmaster Sakano

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PostSubject: Re: Yukima Yomata   Yukima Yomata I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 05, 2010 9:51 pm

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Yukima Yomata
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