The Midnight Trinity
Welcome to the Realm of The Midnight Trinity.

I am your Illustrious Headmaster, Sakano.

A few things before we get started...

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The Midnight Trinity

A haven for those outcast by society, the non-human, the undesirable, the misunderstood. While the war rages outside, is the inside really that safe?
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 Story Thus Far...[UPDATED -7/13/2012]

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Should The Midnight Trinity have a rival school?
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PostSubject: Story Thus Far...[UPDATED -7/13/2012]   Story Thus Far...[UPDATED -7/13/2012] I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 25, 2010 12:23 am

The conflicts have been getting out of hand.

For centuries the struggle between humans and non-humans , demons, vampires and mythical beings a like, has waged on with no foreseeable end in sight. Up until recently the conflicts were generally kept hidden, not wanting to draw any unwanted attention. Now, however, the human race has become a bit more bold, all fueled by their desire to remain the dominant species. Tensions have increased rapidly, and not just among humans and non humans. Other races have begun to fight as well, each striving for the title of more dominant species. Because of that, when they should be banding together against the common enemy, wars have erupted between the various species' and races.

The humans have taken to the streets. Publicly protesting against any non-humans. There's been a call to their government to pass laws banning them from society; some have gone as far as to make proposals they should be eliminated on sight. Those with power, money, and a voice in the community have taken to hiring medical teams to decipher the genetics of various species' to better exploit their weakness. Secret divisions of the military are also doing this. They are devising new weapons, new techniques to take down any non-human and are implementing ways to physically identify them; so far, identifying Vampires has been the hardest for them. Taking them down has also proven difficult, but they have publicly announced this wont deter them from finding a way. These secret 'teams' have managed to take down and capture beings from said races and have put them through horrendous experiments to try and exploit their weaknesses and the quickest way possible to take one down. They've treated them like caged animals, poking and prodding them, shoving experimental drugs and serums down their throats.

Not only that, but there has been talk these teams are also harvesting the unique qualities each species' posses. With those of pure Draconian heritage, they have been inhumanely harvested for their blood, convinced there blood has beneficial, life-preserving, qualities and the power to make weapons, armor or even human skin impervious to wounds. [i.e gun and stab wounds] With Vampires, some believe there is a way to manipulate their blood to allow them to take on the immortal qualities without actually being turned. And the lists go on and on...

These public decelerations, threats, and even public displays of corpses that have undergone such experiments, have sent many of them into hiding. There have been quite a few, however, that have taken a stand and refuse to resort to the cowardice and shame of going into hiding. Those who have are constantly looking over their shoulders, fearing for their lives as well as the lives of their loved ones. They are constantly seeking safe havens, somewhere unknown to the outside world...

Welcome to the Midnight Trinity.

While a safe haven for these refugees, the outcasts and the shunned, it has not been totally impervious to outside attack. The Headmasters own Father, who not only despises every non-demon, but his own son, born with the unique mix of Angelic and Demon blood has also been the target of his hatred. His attacks on the school in recent years still haunt him as he endangered the life of his late wife and his then unborn child. He has taken great strides to make sure his school is kept safe, even going through the trouble of establishing an Elite Force, specially trained to handle any type of demon attack, along with defensive and offensive spells, evacuation procedures ect ect.

The conflicts in the outside world have drawn him from the school twice within the year. Each time he has left with the intention of trying to find a way where everyone can learn to co-exist. So far the only ones who have seemed willing are his own students. His leave of absence before the current came about after the disappearance of his late wife who was sent off some place safe to bear their second child. However, he only managed to rescue his new born son, who he found on the verge of death; his wife, Jyostna, could not be saved. His mourning was short lived, as he had many more lives to worry about and to protect. His second leave of absence, though in part due to personal reasons, was, again, to check on the conflicts going on in the human world.

Though generally sheltered from the horrors going on in the world outside, the students here are still aware of the war raging beyond the iron gates. The classes offered here are designed to help them hone their unique abilities and to have the opportunity to learn new ones. The Headmaster has made it very clear that, one day, their may be a time that comes where they will need to implement what they have learned here in a real life battle scenario and has promised to make every effort possible to keep that from happening.


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Story Thus Far...[UPDATED -7/13/2012]
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